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This dataset  consists of the results of 987 screening mammograms administered at the Group Health Cooperative in the state of Washington during the year 2002. Five radiologists were selected at random from those who read lots of mammograms in this...

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Chemical Heat Transfer

A chemical engineering experiment was run to study heat transfer in a shallow  fluidized bed.
Data were collected on the following four candidate regressors -
X1:  fluidizing gas  flow rate in pounds per hour,
X2: supernatant gas ...

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Scientists are interested in the Earth's temperature change since the last glacial...

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Diameter Measurement

Diameter measurement data for 88 trees obtained from a mapped stand in Duke Forest.

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Estrogen Bioassay

What do Barbie dolls, food wrap, edamame, and spermicides have in common? And what do they have to do with low sperm counts, precocious puberty, and breast cancer? ”Everything,” say those who support the notion that hormone mimics are disrupting...

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The dataset provides daily total electricity consumption for 151 households in Ireland for the four month period between November 15, 2009 to March 15, 2010. Each row represents a household. The dataset can be read into R using command read.table. For each household, there are also six covariates on demographics.

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Kiva Loans

This data set contains information on a random sample of 5,000 Kiva loans and their repayment structures.

Each row represents a repayment on the loan. Since loans have multiple repayments (they're paid back...

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Mercury in Bass

Rivers in North Carolina contain small concentrations of mercury which can accumulate in fish over their lifetimes. Because mercury cannot be excreted from the body, it builds up in the tissues. The concentration of mercury in fish tissue can be...

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Prison Isolation

Subjects from the general population of Central Prison, Raleigh, NC, volunteered for an experiment involving an ``isolation'' experience. (Those convicted of felon offenses are housed in this facility.) The experimental treatment exposed inmates to...

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A particular individual sometimes has difficulty falling asleep, and sometimes awakens during the night repeatedly or for significant amounts of time.  Upon consulting a sleep doctor and having his sleep monitored, he was told told that his sleep...

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Springbok Survey

Monitoring programs to track long-term changes in population size are important for applied ecological studies. Such monitoring programs often have multiple objectives that include monitoring trends, estimating abundance, and estimating the effects of covariates. Your job is to analyze trend, abundance, and the effects of covariates using a dataset of counts of springbok antelope around 25...

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