Graduation with Distinction

Levels of Distinction

  • Graduation with Distinction in Statistical Science
  • Graduation with High Distinction in Statistical Science
  • Graduation with Highest Distinction in Statistical Science

For highest distinction, the candidate must produce a paper publishable in a statistical science or subject-area journal.

These recommendations will be considered by a committee of three faculty members, including the DUS (chair), who will review all the papers and committee recommendations to ensure consistency in the awarding of levels of distinction.

Procedure for Selection

You should begin thinking about your topic no later than your Junior year. Begin talking with faculty to find a thesis advisor, and start attending workshops offered by the department. To be eligible for graduation with distinction you must:

  • Have overall GPA of at least 3.3; and statistical science GPA of at least 3.5 maintained until graduation.
  • Submit an application to the Director of Undergraduate Studies at least one semester prior to graduation. The application must include a research paper (thesis) proposal including title and brief plan of implementation. The research proposal should be made in consultation with your advisor and a faculty member having expertise in the area in which you wish to do independent work.
  • Write a research paper (thesis) demonstrating significant independent work in statistical science, written under the supervision of a regular-rank faculty member of the Department of Statistical Science. The thesis, which must be completed 6 weeks prior to graduation, may be written as part of independent study credit. Note that independent study credit must be approved by the DUS by the end of drop/add period of a given semester.
  • Present the research paper (thesis) orally in a seminar open to the public before April 15. The date of this seminar should be provided to the DUS no later than March 1.
  • Present a research poster on last Friday of March from 2-4pm.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Chair of the Department determine whether you will be admitted to candidacy for distinction. The application will be considered in the context of your interest, academic record, and professional goals. Please see the Trinity College Academic Requirements for graduation with double honors.

Evaluative Body

By the end of the second full week of classes in January, the student and research advisor will name a three-person committee to evaluate the paper and oral presentation.

Evaluation Procedure

The committee will evaluate the candidate's paper and oral presentation for quality of intellectual content, quality of writing/speaking, and originality.

Advice from Recent Graduates with Distinction