Frequently Asked Questions

How are major advisors assigned?

If you have a preference for a faculty member to be your major advisor, please send your request to once you declare the major. If not, you will be assigned an advisor based on availability of advisors. If you don't have a specific person in mind, but you would like to be matched with someone with similar interests, email the DUS to set up an appointment.

Who can help with my What If report for declaring a major, minor, or IDM?

If you have questions about your What If report before declaring your major, minor or IDM, contact Joan Combs Durso, the Undergraduate Coordinator. 

I am thinking of taking a statistics course abroad/away from Duke. What do I need to do to request transfer credit?

Please fill out the transfer credit request form.

I am looking for a statistics tutor, do you have any suggestions?

First, we recommend taking advantage of office hours with the professor of the course as well as the TAs. If you still need additional help, see the list of private tutors.
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