Progress Toward Completion

Each year, you must make Satisfactory Progress toward the Ph.D. degree. The faculty meet annually to discuss each student in terms of achievements in formal courses (grade point average of 3.0 or higher), exams, demonstration of proficiency in applied statistics, fulfillment of duties as teaching or research assistant, and satisfactory progress in thesis research towards completion and defense within two or three years post-Prelim.

Each year from the second year of study onward, you must complete and submit the required annual progress form to the DGS Assistant before April 15 (this is a Graduate School requirement).

In case of problems, the Director of Graduate Studies will communicate with you and your advisor to summarize the faculty's consensus, specify any deficiencies you must correct, and detailing any additional requirements you must meet. In rare cases the Dean of the Graduate School may also play a role in such communications.