Minor in Statistical Science

The Statistical Science Minor is designed to provide students majoring in other disciplines with opportunities for exposure and skill development in advanced statistical methods. These skills are useful for conducting research in applied subjects, and they are appealing to employers and graduate schools seeking students with quantitative skills. The Minor is flexible, so you can find a path to the minor that serves your specific needs. All minors should consult with the DUS early for approval of a cluster of 5 courses for the minor.

Required Courses:

5 Statistics courses; 3-4 prerequisite courses

Prerequisite Math

The skills developed and techniques explored in these courses are necessary for study of advanced statistical methods in the minor.

  • MATH 21 Introductory Calculus I OR MATH 111L Laboratory Calculus I
  • MATH 122 Introductory Calculus II OR MATH 112L Laboratory Calculus II
  • MATH 219 Multivariable Calculus for Engineering and Sciences OR MATH 212 Multivariable Calculus OR MATH 222 Advanced Multivariable Calculus OR MATH 202 Multivariable Calculus for Economics
  • If you take STA 360 Bayesian and Modern Statistics as a recommended elective: MATH 216 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations OR MATH 218 Matrices and Vector Spaces OR MATH 221 Linear Algebra and Application is required
Core Statistical Science
  • STA 210 Regression Analysis
  • STA 240L Probability for Statistics (Recommended) OR STA 230 Probability
  • One inference course, either STA 360: Bayesian and Modern Statistics or STA 432: Theory and Methods of Statistical Learning and Inference. Note: While we no longer offer STA 250: Statistics at Duke, students who took it before Spring 2020 can still count it towards the minor in this category.
  • Statistics elective - Recommended: STA 360 Bayesian and Modern Statistics (if not used for the inference requirement)
  • At least 1 additional statistics elective, approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies
Recommended Courses for Elective Choice

Other electives must have pre-approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

  • STA 313L Advanced Data Visualization
  • STA 322 Study Design
  • STA 323D Statistical Computing
  • STA 325L Data Mining
  • STA 340 Statistical Decision Analysis
  • STA 344 Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Spatial and Time Series Data
  • STA 360 Bayesian and Modern Statistics 
  • STA 410 Hierarchical Models
  • STA 440 Case Studies (or STA 540)
  • STA 444 Statistical Modeling of Spatial and Time-Series Data
  • STA 450L Social Networks
  • STA 470S Introduction to Statistical Consulting
  • STA 471S Computational Data Analysis
  • STA 561D Probabilistic Machine Learning

Only 1 course selected from the following may count towards the Minor:

  • STA 101 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
  • STA 102 Intro Biostatistics
  • STA 111 Probability/Stat Inference
  • STA 130 Probability/Statistics in Engineering
  • STA 198 Intro to Global Health Data Science
  • STA 199 Intro to Data Science