Student Governance

Graduate Consultative Committee & Ambassadors

The MSS Graduate Student Consultative Committee (GCC) is a student committee comprised of one second year student (carry forward from previous GCC) and three first year students. The primary responsibility of the graduate consultative committee (GCC) is to represent the student body to the faculty of the department of statistical science and assist.

The MSS Ambassadors act as a liaison between the industry partners that visit the department and the students. The Ambassadors work with the Director to create networking opportunities for the students in the Master's program with the industry and academic experts visiting and speaking at the Proseminars (every week in Fall/Spring semesters). 

Members of the GCC collaborate with the MSS Ambassadors to act as liaison between faculty and students to ensure needs and desires of both parties are met and addressed within the department. 

The GCC and MSS Ambassadors primarily work with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) for the Master's program to ensure all academic needs of the students are met. Complaints or suggestions by the students regarding departmental issues (e.g. seminar, office space, etc.) are brought to the director by the GCC.

The GCC and Ambassadors will recruit and assign graduate students to assist departmental staff and the program director in coordinating events within the department (see specific responsibilities below) including:

  • Fall Semester
    • New Student Orientation (mid-August) (GCC)
    • Industry Day (mid-October) (GCC)
    • MSS Alumni Dinner (October/November) (GCC)
    • Halloween Party (October) in collaboration with PhD GCC (GCC and MSS Ambassadors)
    • Monthly student meeting with MSS Director (GCC)
    • Proseminar Assistance (MSS Ambassadors, weekly)
  • Spring Semester
    • Resume Workshop (February) (second year students assist first year students with resume and interview prep) (MSS Ambassadors)
    • Statistics T-shirt Design Contest (Feb end) (MSS Ambassadors)
    • Monthly student meeting with MSS Director (GCC)
    • New Student Open House event (March 4th week- Friday) (GCC)
    • Proseminar Assistance (MSS Ambassadors, weekly)

See our Current GCC Members & Ambassadors

MSS General Assembly (GA) Departmental Representatives to GPSC 

Each year, the Graduate and Professional Students Council (GPSC) asks for one or more General Assembly (GA) student appointments from each program. The GA representative will represent the Masters students in the department with respect to student affairs including health and wellness to post degree career planning to exercising their personal and MSS interests. The representatives work with the graduate and professional students across the Duke schools and Campus to make sure that all students in the MSS program have what they need to be successful. 

Responsibility: As the MSS representative, the student should be willing to attend a majority of GA meetings (8 times a year). The official dates for the Fall Schedule will be released at the first GA meeting.