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Our undergraduate program consists of two Majors in Statistical Science (Bachelor of Science with the possible addition of a Concentration in Mathematical Statistics or Data Science and Bachelor of Arts), a Minor in Statistical Science, and an Interdepartmental Major in Data Science.

Our undergraduate program covers two curricula:

  • Introductory service courses and courses designed for the major, minor and those interested in pursuing advanced elective courses in statistics.
  • More advanced courses to provide students with in-depth exposure to modern statistical reasoning and the science of statistical modeling, analysis and uncertainty quantification. 

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Statistical Science majors are exposed to a broad range of statistical methods using tools from mathematical and computational sciences. Developing skills and expertise in problem articulation and solving, and abilities to appreciate and accommodate uncertainty in decision-making, are central goals. Graduating students are well prepared and competitive for beginning careers in data science, analytics, business, technology, finance, law, medicine and other fields, as well as for graduate study in statistical science and allied disciplines.


The Statistical Science Minor is designed to provide students majoring in other disciplines with opportunities for exposure and skill development in advanced statistical methods. These skills are useful for conducting research in applied subjects, and they are appealing to employers and graduate schools seeking students with quantitative skills. The Minor is flexible; students from most majors can find a pathway to the minor that serves their needs and interests.

More Information

Not sure if statistics is right for you? And if so, what courses should you begin with? Learn more about the value of studying statistics, review our course guide, view typical pathways through the program, and feel free to email us or drop in during DUS or Undergraduate Coordinator office hours for advice specific to your background and interests.