Past Undergraduate Theses

Class of 2020

  • Rose Graves – Corrupted Data and the Illicit Arms Trade
    • Advisor: Alexander Volfovsky
  • Chiwan Kim – A Black-Scholes-Integrated Gaussian Process Model for American Option Pricing
    • Advisor: Simon Mak
  • Michael Model – Hitting Around the Shift: Evaluating Batted-Ball Trends Across Major League Baseball
    • Advisor: David Dunson
  • Daniel Spottiswood – Algorithmic Trading of an Alternative Cryptocurrency Using Sentiment and Volume Based Predictors
    • Advisor: Sayan Mukherjee
  • Michael Tan – Investigating Underpricing in Venture-Backed IPOs Using Statistical Techniques
    • Advisor: Shawn Santo
  • Trenton Bricken – Learning Fitness Landscapes for Protein Design
    • Advisor: David Banks
  • Melody Jiang – Estimating Cell Probabilities for High-Dimensional and Sparse Multinomial Data Using Proper Scoring Rules
    • Advisor: David Dunson

Class of 2019

Class of 2018