We strive for excellence in research and education in the theory and methodology of statistical science, as well as in its application in scientific inquiry across nearly every subject. In advancing statistical science, we seek to create new methods that can be widely used to analyze data, to understand deeply and thoroughly the properties of methods and probabilistic models used in data analysis, and to teach students to be effective users and developers of statistical methods and theory.

We highly value interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers in allied fields. Often such collaborations motivate new theory and methods in statistical science, as complicated data demand innovative analysis and computational approaches. As statistical scientists, we seek not only to collaborate with scientists from other fields to help answer their central questions, but to drive thinking and to help to define new research questions and agendas. To this end, we place high value on both scholarship that directly advances statistical science and scholarship that pushes allied fields forward by introducing new paradigms and approaches to scientific inquiry. To enable such activities, we actively look to establish partnerships with other units at Duke, in federal agencies, private industry, and beyond.

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collage in circle

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Interdisciplinary Collaborations