Teaching Assistants

Graduate students have opportunities to engage as Teaching Assistants on departmental courses, including undergraduate and graduate level courses. TA positions in Duke Statistics require 12-15 hours per week on average. During some weeks, the workload may be higher (after exams) or lower so please coordinate with your instructor about the course's schedule and plan in advance.  If your work load is consistently higher that 12-15 hours please talk to the instructor, (or your advisor, the DUS or DGS if you are uncomfortable talking to the instructor). The instructor may have advice on how to use your time more effectively or suggest that the workload be reduced.

Teaching Requirement

All students have opportunities to act as full-time Teaching Assistants on undergraduate courses during their years of study. Students are also required to engage as a part-time TA in each of years 2+ of Ph.D. studies. This provides students with experience on different courses, as well as collaborative and mentoring experiences working with other TAs.

Specifically: Students are required to participate in teaching during each academic year beyond the first year. This is to consist of, at a minimum, participating as a part time TA (up to six hours per week) for one class during the academic year. Students will receive a modest stipend for part-time TA participation, in addition to their existing support from other sources. This policy applies to all students except those who are defending in the Fall or who have external funding for which the policy is prohibited.

TA Evaluation

Continuation of funding is contingent on good TA performance. Student and faculty evaluations of TAs will occur at the end of each semester. Excellent TA evaluations can provide the basis for future recommendation letters from faculty. TAs will be able to review their evaluations at the end of each semester.