Student Governance

PhD Graduate Consultative Committee (GCC)

The primary responsibility of the PhD Graduate Consultative Committee (GCC) is to represent the PhD student body to the faculty of the department of statistical science. Members of the PhD GCC act as liaisons between faculty and PhD students to ensure that the needs and desires of both parties are met and addressed within the department.

The PhD GCC works primarily with the Director of Graduate Studies to ensure all academic needs of the students are met. Complaints or suggestions by the students regarding departmental issues (e.g., seminar, office space, etc.) are brought to the department head by the GCC.  GCC elections are held in August every year before the beginning of the fall term.

GCC Activities

Each semester, the GCC organizes activities to help create a sense of community among the graduate students, including events like the ones listed below:

  • New Student Orientation and Scavenger Hunt
  • Alumni Dinner
  • Campout
  • Annual Halloween Party 
  • Admissions Open House

Contact Us

All comments submitted through our online comment form will be anonymous. If you have a concern that you would like the GCC to contact you about, either include your name and email address in the comment form or send an email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.