M.S. Program

The Master's in Statistical Science (MSS) is a 2-year graduate degree program that provides a modern, comprehensive education in statistical theory, methods and computation. The MSS is attractive to students interested in professional careers in industry, business and government, as well as those interested in bridging to Ph.D. studies in statistics and related areas.


  • Courses and projects emphasize stochastic model-based approaches to problems of inference and prediction, highlighting Bayesian and Machine Learning methods
  • You develop skills and expertise in modeling complex and potentially massive data sets and advanced computational methods while gaining exposure to a broad range of application contexts
  • In-house professional development opportunities and career counseling prepare students for a wide variety of highly competitive career in statistics and allied fields. 
  • You demonstrate proficiency in applied statistics through a period of formal practical training via either a mentored industrial internship or an applied research project supervised by Statistical Science faculty.

MSS Focus Areas/ Tracks

The Master's in Statistical Science (MSS) program provides guidance for students interested in specializing in particular statistics focus areas/ tracks:

Shijia Bian

“The Department of Statistical Science at Duke University helped me to connect the dots between academic learning and industrial career. The rigorous Statistics learning and Bayesian training paved my way to become a statistician. The department is very resourceful in terms of both academic development and industry preparation. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed. Our faculties are the most caring people I have met. It is my great pleasure to study and work with such a diverse and intelligent group of students from the program."

Shijia Bian, Sr. Biostatistician, Biogen (MSS 2016 Graduate)

Eduardo Coronado Sroka

"I really enjoy the small size of this program, it has helped me interact with people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, as well as faculty at a much deeper level compared to my undergrad studies. I also enjoy the faculty’s openness to meet one-on-one whenever needed and guide students both academically and professionally – something you don’t find in many graduate programs."

Eduardo Coronado Sroka, Sr. Analyst, McKinsey & Company (MSS 2020)