Study Abroad

We encourage statistical science majors and minors to study abroad! Here are three tips to make the process easier.

  1. It is generally quite difficult to transfer lower-level statistics courses (<250 level) to Duke due to our strong emphasis on statistical computing across the curriculum. Plan to take courses including STA 199, STA 210, and STA 230/240 on campus.
  2. You may have more options abroad if you also take STA 432 on campus. It may be that STA 240 (which contains some of the STA 432 material) will be sufficient for taking upper-level electives at many universities.
  3. We are able to accept 300+ level courses from many universities worldwide. Strong statistical science programs can be found all over the world -- from Santiago to Singapore, Venice to Veracruz, and Brisbane to Beijing. To see if a course will transfer, fill out the request form and contact the DUS for more information!