Placement in Statistics Courses

Many introductory statistics courses have similar sounding descriptions and cover similar content; the primary differences are generally the sophistication of the mathematics assumed or used within the course and examples that are selected for the target audience. The table below lists a summary of introductory courses offered by the department and the primary audience for the course. Please review thoroughly and feel free to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies with any questions regarding placement.

Students who are contemplating a major or minor in statistics should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Course Number Math Requirement Primary Audience

STA 101L – Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Algebra Primary audience: Humanities and Social Science majors
Students fulfilling QR, R, STS or major requirements
STA 102L – Introductory Biostatistics Algebra

Primary audience: Pre-health students and Natural Science majors
Students fulfilling QR, R, STS or major requirements
Recommended SAT Math score: 650 or above

STA 110FS – Introductory Special Topics in Statistics Light Calculus

Primary audience: Students in Focus Program (topics vary by semester)
Math Pre-requisite: MATH 21 or equivalent

STA 198L - Intro to Health Data Science Algebra

Primary audience: Students in Pre-health, Natural Science, or Statistical Science, interested in application of modern data science and computing techniques to health topics. Students fulfilling Q, R, STS, or major requirements. Alternate entry point to Statistical Science major or minor.

STA 199L – Intro to Data Science No Calculus

Primary audience: Statistics majors and minors as well as students interested in modern data science and computing. Students fulfilling QR, R, STS or major requirements. (If you are an intended StatSci major, start here!) 

STA 240L – Probability for Statistical Inference, Modeling, and Data Analysis

STA 230 – Probability

Heavy Calculus

Primary audience: Statistics and Math majors and minors
Statistical Science majors / minors or students who want a two-semester introduction to probability and statistics.
STA 230 or STA 240L is the prerequisite for STA 250. Either 240L or 230 is a prerequisite for many subsequent courses in the department (e.g., STA 360).
Math Pre/co-requisite: MATH 22, 112L, 122, 122L, 202, 212, 219, or 222, or equivalent
Not open to students who have credit for MATH 340