Ph.D. Program

Statistical Science at Duke is the world's leading graduate research and educational environment for Bayesian statistics, emphasizing the major themes of 21st century statistical science: foundational concepts of statistics, theory and methods of complex stochastic modeling, interdisciplinary applications of statistics, computational statistics, big data analytics, and machine learning. Life as a Ph.D. student in Statistical Science at Duke involves immersion in a broad range of research experiences and emphasizes conceptual innovation, as well as building a deep and broad foundation in theory and methods.

Coupled with our core emphases in modeling, computation and the methodologies of modern statistical science is a broad range of interdisciplinary relationships with many other disciplines (biomedical sciences, environmental sciences, genomics, computer science, engineering, finance, neuroscience, social sciences, and others). These rich opportunities for students in interdisciplinary statistical research are complemented by our collaborations with the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), and internships at companies such as Google, Yahoo, AT&T, IBM, RAND, Microsoft, multiple financial and biomedical companies, among others.