Kiva Loans

This data set contains information on a random sample of 5,000 Kiva loans and their repayment structures.

Each row represents a repayment on the loan. Since loans have multiple repayments (they're paid back in installments) there is quite a bit of repeated information in the dataset. For example, the first loan in the data set is "id = 156". 5 payments have been made on this loan, therefore the first 5 rows of the dataset contains some repetitive information, specifically columns 1 through 34 and 41 and 42 are repeated. Columns 35 through 39 contain information on the specific payment, and hence vary.

A list of variables and their definitions are given below. Most of this information comes from

  1. id: Loan ID
  2. description.languages: Language of loan description with levels English (en), Spanish (es), French (fr), Indonesian (id), Russian (ru)
  3. status: Loan status with levels defaulted, in_repayment, and paid, see for what each level means
  4. funded_amount: Amount of loan which has been purchased by Kiva lenders
  5. paid_amount: Amount of the loan which has been paid off
  6. activity: Activity for which loan is requested
  7. sector: Sector for which loan is requested
  8. location.country_code: Country code
  9. Country name
  10. Town name
  11. location.geo.level: Indicator for whether the latitude and longitude given is for country or town
  12. partner_id: Field partner ID for local lending institutions, see a complete list at
  13. borrowers.first_name: First name of borrower
  14. borrowers.last_name: Last name of borrower
  15. borrowers.gender: Gender of borrower
  16. borrowers.pictured: Whether or not the borrower provided a picture
  17. terms.disbursal_amount: The amount of money distributed to the borrower in the local currency. Comparing this amount to the loan amount shows the currency conversion rate locked in for the loan when it was posted.
  18. terms.disbursal_currency: The ISO 4217 code for the currency used to distribute the loan the the borrower. This is usually the local currency for the borrower's country.
  19. terms.disbursal_date: The date at which the funds from the loan were given to the borrowers. Note that it is possible for the money to be disbursed to borrowers before the loan is posted on Kiva.
  20. terms.loan_amount: The amount of money distributed to the borrower in lender's currency.
  21. terms.loss_liability.nonpayment: Categorical variable indicating who is liable for loss on a loan due to nonpayment, lender or partner.
  22. terms.loss_liability.currency_exchange: Categorical variable indicating who is liable for loss on a loan due to currency exchange, partner, shared, or none.
  23. posted_date: Date when loan was posted on Kiva.
  24. funded_date: Date when loan was fully funded on Kiva.
  25. journal_totals.entries: Number of journal entries (updates on the Kiva website) by borrower.
  26. paid_date: Date when loan was paid back in full by borrower.
  27. defaulted_date: Date when borrower defaulted on a payment on the loan.
  28. terms.local_payments.due_date: Date when payment is due to the field partner
  29. terms.local_payments.amount: Amount (in local currency) due to the field partner
  30. terms.scheduled_payments.due_date: Date when payment is due to the lender
  31. terms.scheduled_payments.amount: Amount (in US dollars) due to lenders.
  32. delinquent: Whether or not loan has become delinquent.
  33. video.youtube_id: If a video was posted, its YouTube ID. To see video, go to "" + "video.youtube_id".
  34. basket_amount: Amount of the loan which lenders have saved in shopping baskets, but has not been confirmed as purchased.
  35. amount: Payment amount in US dollars
  36. payment_id: Payment ID
  37. local_amount: Payment amount in local currency
  38. processed_date: Date payment is processed
  39. rounded_local_amount: Rounded local payment amount
  40. settlement_date: Settlement date of payment
  41. lat: Latitude of loan location, as indicated by location.geo.level
  42. lon: Longitude of loan location, as indicated by location.geo.level


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