Mike West is recipient of award from ASA NC Chapter

Mike West, the Duke University distinguished Arts & Sciences Professor of Statistics and Decision Sciences, has been honored with a distinguished award from the NC Chapter of the American Statistical Association. The award was announced and presented at the October 10-12, 2014 International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics. West, a plenary speaker at the conference, was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of statistics, and particularly for his role in the development of the subject in North Carolina.

Some of Mike's career contributions to statistics, and to its development in NC and internationally, are reflected in Mike's brief biosketch from the conference.

Jerry Reiter, the Duke University Mrs. Alexander Hehmeyer distinguished Professor of Statistical Science at Duke, and current president of the NC Chapter of the American Statistical Association, announced and presented the award at the conference award ceremony.