Colin Rundel


Associate Professor of the Practice of Statistical Science

The central theme of my teaching, research, and service is computing. All areas of science are increasingly dependent on computing but too often this is not reflected in the basic training of new researchers. As a statistician, I am acutely aware of this issue within our own discipline and as a fundamentally computational field is it critical that computing be integrated at all levels of a modern statistics curriculum. In my time at Duke I have worked towards this goal by introducing computational components into existing courses (STA 102 & 230) as well as developed new courses with a significant computational focus (STA 323, 523, 444/644). My research has been complementary to this effort, as while I have worked in a variety of application areas all of these projects have centered around applying and implementing Bayesian spatial methodologies. Finally, my departmental and university service has focused on enabling and supporting the computing infrastructure that is critical to myself and the other teachers / researchers here at Duke.