Edwin S. Iversen


Research Professor of Statistical Science

Edwin Iversen is Research Professor of Statistical Science, member of the graduate faculty and faculty member in the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Program. Dr. Iversen's research is focused on problems at the interface between statistics and molecular biology, genetics, personalized medicine and epidemiology. Active projects involve applications of Bayesian statistical methods to cancer risk assessment, functional characterization of genetic variants of unknown clinical significance and prediction of radiation exposure dose given mRNA expression data. Dr. Iversen has been managing the Duke Department of Statistical Science's Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) since 2014. The aim of the SCC is to jointly provide a service to the Duke research community and an educational opportunity to Duke undergraduate Statistical Science majors and StatSci graduate students. To this end, consulting engagements are handled by our statistical consulting class (see the Teaching and Advising section below). As such, we are able to handle ten to twelve consulting engagements per semester. Many involve interesting and engaging methodological questions and several have led to collaborations extending beyond the scope of services provided by the class.