Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center offers statistical consulting to Duke University faculty, students and staff on research involving statistical methods. Consultants are Duke Statistics faculty and graduate students pursuing Ph.D's in statistics.

Scheduling An Appointment

Simply send email to with a brief description of your problem and some times when you are available. You will be scheduled with a consultant. Some questions can be answered during the initial consultation. Others require several meetings over a period of months as the research progresses. Still others result in long term collaboration between the center staff and other university researchers.


Normally the SCC and its consultants do not receive compensation for consulting. But compensation is appropriate in some circumstances, as in the following examples. 

  • The statistical consultation results in an intellectual contribution to your paper. In this case, co-authorship is warranted.
  • The statistical consultation leads you to believe that your funded research or grant proposal needs ongoing statistical support. In this case, a financial contribution is warranted.
  • You are grateful to your statistical consultant. In this case, chocolate is warranted.