Three MSS Students Win Dean's Research Award

Daniel Deng, Yizi Zhang, and Christine Shen headshots

We would like to congratulate three of our outstanding MSS students for winning the Dean’s Research Award. The Dean’s Research Award provides funding for the purchase of materials and supplies to support research relevant to a Master’s student’s degree completion. Congratulations Yizi, Daniel, and Christine! Below is a brief summary of each of their research projects.

Daniel Deng

Daniel’s research focuses on Bayesian dynamic modeling and decision analysis, advised by Dr. Mike West.

Christine Shen

Christine’s research focuses on scalable inference for probit network models, jointly advised by Dr. Peter Hoff and Dr. Alexander Volfovsky.

Yizi Zhang

Yizi’s research focuses on auto-encoding human brain connectomes data with adjustment for motion artifacts, advised by Dr. David Dunson.