Stat Sci PhD student Xiaojun Zheng wins ASA SPES+Q&P Best Student Paper award

Xiaojun Zheng

Duke Stat Sci Ph.D. student Xiaojun Zheng, advised by Dr. Simon Mak, has won the ASA Best Student Paper award from the Sections on Physical and Engineering Sciences (SPES) and Quality and Productivity (Q&P). This award recognizes an outstanding student paper on the development and application of statistical techniques in the physical and engineering sciences, and quality and productivity. Xiaojun's paper, titled "PERCEPT: A New Online Change-Point Detection Method Using Topological Data Analysis" with co-authors Simon Mak, Liyan Xie (CUHK), and Yao Xie (Georgia Tech), proposes a topology-aware framework for efficient online change-point detection of high-dimensional data streams. Congratulations Xiaojun!