MSS Program Graduates 38 Statistical Scientists


We as a department would like to congratulate the 38 students who graduated with a Master's in Statistical Science (MSS) in Spring 2021!  While earning an MSS degree at Duke is challenging enough on its own, the MSS Class of 2021 had to complete approximately three-quarters of their degree during a pandemic, and they rose to the challenge.  They worked hard, overcame many obstacles, and impressed everyone with their intelligence, perseverance, and commitment.

 We would also like to recognize a few outstanding students who earned departmental awards this past year. Morris Greenberg (winner) and Daniel Deng (honorable mention) placed in the annual BEST awards, given for outstanding research in Bayesian methods, Christine Shen (winner) and Emre Yurtbay (honorable mention) were recognized for the Master's TA Award.  Congratulations to these award winners!

 We are very proud of the MSS Class of 2021 placement.  Some recent MSS graduates will be entering into Ph.D. programs at institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Toronto, and Duke University.  Many of our graduates have chosen to start their professional careers as statisticians or data scientists in industries such as Healthcare, Technology, Banking/Finance, and Consulting. Wherever these students land, we know the hard work and dedication they demonstrated over the last two years will serve them well, and we cannot wait to see how they help lead the next generation of statisticians.