CA StatSci/ISDS Alums Meetup

A number of Statistical Science/ISDS alums currently based in and around the Bay Area convened over a weekend in early September. Among the interactions and events was a lovely reunion gathering on September 2nd.  The alum reunion was coordinated by Viri Lourdes and Omar Aguilar, with the help of Raquel Prado and Liang Zhang. Viri and Omar generously hosted the event at their home in Portola Valley.   The fine September afternoon and evening saw much catching-up,  connecting and reconnecting among alums and families and friends, hours of reminiscing about years past in ISDS and Statistical Science,  and enthusiastic discussion about future such events and other areas of alum-related activity.  Among those pictured here—along with some partners and family members—are those noted below. More details of professional connections can be found, of course, from the department’s alum lists here.  We look forward to future (soon and many) such events among our alum groups in our various concentrations around the US. 

In the photo—very roughly from left to right and with partners and kids interspersed—are Minghui Shi (PhD 2011), Fernando Bonassi (PhD 2013), Tsuyoshi Kunihama (PhD 2015), Xiangyu Samuel Wang (PhD 2016),  Zhi Ouyang (PhD 2008), Azeem Zaman (MSS 2017),  Hanyu Song (PhD 2022),  Sheng Jiang (PhD 2022),  Omar Aguilar   (PhD 1998), Viri Lourdes (PhD 2000), Bruno Sanso (Adjunct Assistant Professor sporadically in 1995-1998), Raquel Prado (PhD 1998), Natesh Pillai (PhD 2008),  Jacopo Soriano (PhD 2015), Herbie Lee (Visiting Assistant Professor 1999-2002), Guoliang Charlie Cao (PhD 1993),   Mary Beth Broadbent (PhD 2014), Maria Terres (PhD 2014), Mike West and Lauren West (both still running, 1988-present), Dawn Woodard (PhD 2007),   Jiang Jane Qian (PhD 1994), Liang Zhang (PhD 2008),  Shih-Han Sean Chang (PhD 2015), and Hongxia Yang (PhD 2010).