Annual MSS Alumni Dinner Returns in 2023

8 people sit at a table on a stage for an alumni panel

The MSS program celebrated the return of our annual in-person alumni dinner at the JB Duke on February 17th. The event, hosted by the MSS GCC, featured keynotre speaker Eduardo Coronado Sroka (MS ’20) who shared his experience and insightful advice, and an alumni panel sharing experiences from across multiple industries and fields, including McKinsey & Co., Disney, and the New York Yankees.  Program Dirctor, Dr. Funda Gunes, and faculty member Dr. Fan Li also shared remarks in support of the MSS program, and current students had the opportunity to network with alumni and faculty over delicious desserts. Thanks to all alumni, faculty, and students who attended, especially our distinguished speakers, diligent GCC members, and MSS administrative team:

Eduardo Coronado Sroka (MS '20)
Yunran Chen (MS '19)
Walker Harrison (MS '19)
Lisa Lebovici (MS '19)
Sam Voisin (MS '20)
Mingjie Zhao (MS '20)

GCC members
Alonso Guerrero Castañeda (MS ’24)
Kyungeun Jeon (MS ’24)
Natalie Smith (MS ’24)
Bei Yu (MS ’24)
Camiila Yu (MS ’23)

MSS Administration
Dr. Funda Gunes, MSS Program Director
Megan Kelly Deyncourt, Asst. Director, Student Affairs
Lori Rauch, DGSA