2019 BEST Award Winners

Undergraduate award
Mike West and Bihan ZhangWinner:  Bihan Zhuang (pictured here) for her research on Entity resolution with an application to the El Salvador conflict

Mike West and Srini SunilHonorable mention: Srini Sunil (pictured here) for his research on Bayesian forecasting and decision theory.

Master’s award
Mike West and JC LazarroWinner: J.C. Lazzaro (pictured here) for his research on Forecasting the term structure of interest rates: A Bayesian dynamic graphical modeling approach

Honorable mention: Rihui Ou for his research on clustering-enhanced stochastic gradient MCMC for hidden Markov models

PhD award
Winner: Jialiang Mao for his research on Hierarchical Dirichlet-multinomial clustering for microbiome data

Honorable mention: Kelly Moran, for her research in Bayesian hierarchical factor regression models to infer cause of death from verbal autopsy data