How to Apply


Applications for the M.S. programs are due by January 1 for enrollment in that year's fall class. 


To apply for our graduate programs, you should complete the online application at the Graduate School.


All applicants must satisfy all basic requirements of the Duke Graduate School, including GRE and English language prerequisites. Further information regarding the application process and requirements is available from the Graduate School web site above or by mail: 

Graduate School Admissions Office
2127 Campus Drive
Duke University
Box 90065
Durham, NC 27708-0065
phone/fax: (919) 684-3913/2277

M.S. applicants should have a strong technical background, which includes:
  • Two semesters of an undergraduate, calculus-based probability and mathematical statistics sequence; One course in matrix algebra; One course in applied regression analysis; Some basic experience with computation and data analysis
  • Prior exposure to formal programming, using one or more of C, python, java, R, Matlab, etc., is highly desirable
  • Exceptional students who may not have this complete list of prerequisites but have compelling applications otherwise may be admitted but will be required to complete additional intro-level courses

For answers to other commonly asked questions about admission, please see our M.S. Frequently Asked Questions.