Data Science & Analytics

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Students interested in MS focus on Data Science and Analytics are recommended to take all of the MSS core first year courses, with a particular focus on those emphasizing modeling (STA 521, STA 610) and computation (STA 523, STA 663). It is also strongly recommended that students complete the machine learning sequence by taking STA 561 (Probabilistic Machine Learning) and STA 571 (Advanced Scholastic Models and Machine Learning).

In their second year, students should further specialize by taking applied modeling focused elective courses. In particular, STA 522 (Experimental Design), STA 623 (Statistical Decision Theory), and STA 841 (Categorical Data Analysis) are all excellent options that should help students develop relevant knowledge and skills. Additionally, STA 470 (Statistical Consulting) provides an opportunity for students to engage with wide range of complex real world data (students can take this course but will not receive any credit). Finally, it is critical that students develop strong programming skills in a variety of different languages. The core courses provide an introduction to both R (STA 523) and Python (STA 663). Beyond this, students are encouraged to learn at least one compiled language (e.g. C or C++) as well as being familiar with SQL and at least one distributed computing platform (e.g. Spark). Courses offered by the computer science as well as the electrical and computer engineering department are particularly relevant for developing these skills. For example, ECE 551D (Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms in C++) and CS 516 (Database Systems) address these specific skills.

Selected Past Employers:
  • McKinsey¬†& Company
  • Goldman Sachs
  • QuaEra Insights
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Google, Inc.
  • Tesla
  • Uber