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Gourav Ghoshal, Senior Quantitative Analytics Specialist and Jeffrey Baker, Analytics Manager 

Jeffrey Baker, Analytics Manager 

Jeff Baker is an Analytics Manager that has been working for Wells Fargo for 10 years. Jeff’s primary focus is exploring analytics through Business Intelligence (BI). His work guides the lines of business by transforming their data story through visualizations. Jeff supports fostering deeper learning in data visualization and recently gave a talk at AI WISE, Wells Fargo’s annual Artificial Intelligence conference, speaking on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning integration with BI.

Fun fact: “It’s hard to explain analytics, which is also referred to as BI, to my family, so I tell them that I take something complex and turn it into pretty pictures.”

Gourav Ghoshal, Senior Quantitative Analytics Specialist

Gourav Ghoshal works with the AI ML Center of Excellence (CoE) in image processing and natural language processing and heavily leverages machine learning and deep learning algorithms to solve business problems. His background is in engineering and after graduating from Texas A&M, he joined Wells Fargo through the Quantitative Analytics Program (QAP).

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and likes driving and watching soccer.

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