Salary Negotiations Workshop


Speaker(s): Farnoosh Brock, Training & Coach
Open to all MS students. If you are not already registered, use the "More Information" button to register.

In this second workshop, with the right mindset and self-awareness that we developed from our fall workshops, we are ready to delve deep into interview & negotiation strategies & other tangible workplace success insights as you begin your careers. We will focus on salary negotiations and maximizing the total compensation package for your position, and we will role play the difficult parts of the conversation to develop your ease and expertise. We will address the importance of trust as a foundation of all relationships and build strong allies at work. We will also look at addressing rather than avoiding conflict and handling awkward and critical communications. Be prepared for a very interactive workshop where you participate in exercises, engage in many role-play opportunities where you will get 1:1 coaching and tangible advice on how to navigate all the situations.

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