Proseminar: Statistics in the Government – Transparency, Leadership, and Collaboration.

March 3, -
Speaker(s): Simone Gray, Senior Statistician at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Join us for this week's proseminar, where Simone Gray, a Duke 2010 MS and Ph.D. alum, Senior Statistician at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will talk about Statistics in the Government: Transparency, Leadership, and Collaboration

This session will be open to everyone in the StatSci department.


Dr. Simone Gray, is a senior statistician in the Epidemiology and Applied Research Branch of CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC). Dr. Gray joined DCPC in February 2017 and previously worked as a statistician in CDC's Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention for five years. Her work is focused on a variety of projects related to surveillance, recurrence, and cancer survivorship. She works with epidemiologists, medical professionals, and other public health professionals to conduct research across the cancer spectrum from prevention to survivorship. Dr. Gray completed her undergraduate education at Palm Beach Atlantic University and earned her Master of Science degree from University of Miami; both degrees in Mathematics. She also completed a PhD in Statistics at Duke University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the Environmental Protection Agency.



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