CCT vLE: Coding out loud, Episode 2


Speaker(s): Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, PhD & Holly Cui; Duke University
One hour, one dataset, a pair of programmers. In each episode Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel will team up with an undergraduate student to collaboratively explore and visualize a dataset with the goal of both answering questions of mutual interest with the dataset and showcasing the process of doing data science, with R, collaboratively. The session will feature live coding and audience participation. Coding-along is encouraged, however those who would just like to watch and/or contribute ideas in the chat for improvements are equally welcome! Basic familiarity with R and tidyverse will be helpful, however the only requirement for participation is a browser and a stable internet connection. Our guest host for Episode 2 is Holly Cui (BS in Statistics with Data Science Concentration and Minor in Computer Science, Class of 2023).

This session will be livestreamed on the new Center for Computational Thinking YouTube channel:

+DataScience (+DS)


Center for Computational Humanities; Computational Media, Arts & Cultures; Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); Information Initiative at Duke (iiD); Pratt School of Engineering; Statistical Science