Course Web Pages

Faculty are encouraged to maintain course material on the Department website; this helps advertise our courses not just within the university but around the world! Maintaining an open-access website also allows other faculty within the department review material for from previous semesters ensuring that coverage of topics in core courses does not "drift" too much from year to year. For copyrighted material or information that should not be publicly available, please continue to use Sakai.

Creating a Course Home Page

  1. Login into one of the deparmental unix machines
  2. cd ~/www/Courses/
  3. cd to the Term Year for your course (eg Fall12)
  4. cd to your course, eg. sta395. (courses with more than one section are denoted as course name.section sta101.1)
  5. Edit or replace the file index.html with your index.html for the course home page, and copy over any other files
  6. Test the URL where you replace the TERM and COURSE with the appropriate values.
  7. Link your course home page to the Courses page
    1. Select your course from the list of for the current semester
    2. Click edit (must be logged in to the website with your netid)
    3. Add the url above in the URL field in the Course Page
    4. Update any other information; do not edit the course descriptions as these should aggree with the course catalog in STORM/SISS. If the description needs to be changed, please send updates to the DUS or DGS.
    5. Save

We will be developing "Drupal" course pages in the future—if you are interested in this option, please see Lance.