The Department of Statistical Science has integrated its legacy email with the Duke email system. Your email address is your with a user configurable alias that is typically (of course ``first'' would be replaced by your first name and similarly so with "last"). With your alias configured you will be able to receive email as:

We have a number of more user-friendly email aliases for communicating within the department.  

All students, faculty, staff, and long-term visitors will have a Duke email account. New students will receive their NetID during the summer and can access their Duke email using Duke Webmail by logging in with their netid (username) and password at

Options for Accessing Your Departmental Email

The most commonly used options are:

For most members of the department we recommend using Thunderbird. Other IMAP based mail clients may be used to access your email from tablets or smartphones. Please see the IMAP/SMTP settings for configuration details.