Applying for Grants

Grant Application Process

To insure that your grants are submitted in a timely manner, please complete the grant application as early as possible (6 months in advance is great and no later than 10-15 business days before the ORS due date or 15-20 business days before the sponsor due date).   

Minimum information and documentation needed to submit to the proposal to the Sponsored Projects System (SPS) in ORS:

  • completed application
  • Abstract or Project Summary (can be edited later)
  • Project Narrative (NIH proposals only)
  • Preliminary Budget Justification (can be edited)

For grants that are submitted through DSS: All grant applications must be submitted to the Office of Research Support (ORS) at Duke University a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the grant deadline. Please contact (which goes to Anne and Nikki) if you have any questions.

If you are looking for funding opportunities big or small, we encourage all faculty to work with the Office of Research Development. The core mission of Office of Research Development in the Division of Natural Sciences is to identify proposal and funding opportunities that might be of interest to natural sciences faculty and to provide pre-award support for large, complex, interdisciplinary, and/or multidisciplinary proposals. In practice, they provide support to anyone who requests support as much as they are able, prioritizing based on the size and complexity including number of collaborators at Duke and elsewhere, size of the budget, special proposal requirements, etc. See links on their pages for more info on Proposal Submission, Sponsored Research, Support Services and Resources or contact Carmel Lee, Director of Research Opportunities Email: