R is an open source statistical programming language which has built in functions for performing basic and advanced statistical analysis. R's open source library of contributed packages on CRAN makes it a popular choice for distributing code to other users. While looping with interpreted R code may be slow, there is an R compiler or the ability to call C, C++ and FORTRAN to provide substantial speedups. Students will use R in many classes as well as frequently in research. Below are a few resources to introduce students to the R environment and programming language as well as some example code. Within R, using the help(functionname) or ?functionname commands will load the R documentation for functionname. Emacs has a mode for editing R code which is extremely convenient for editing code, functions and running R from within emacs. 

Online Resources

Example Code - Example R code of a very basic Gibbs sampler. Provides examples of how to read data from a file, write data to a file, and plotting figures. See the code explanation for more background information about the code