Several printers are available throughout the department for faculty, staff and student use,  with options for single and duplex printing, as well as color printing. Please use these resources wisely! Think twice before printing and print only documents that must be printed. When you do print, please use duplex (two sided) printing when possible.

To print from a unix shell, type

 lpr filename

and the the file "filename" will print to your default printer. For all users this is set to the printer in Old Chem 214. To change your default printer, edit your .cshrc file in your home directory and look for look for the line ``setenv PRINTER 214''. Add a hash # at the beginning of this line, and remove the hash# from the more appropriate printer entry. A list of printers and their location are on the printer page.

Some programs (netscape, emacs) ignore your PRINTER environment variable and use their own defaults; if you do not see your printout where you would expect,

  1. Run ``lpq'' to verify that the job is not just queued up behind another (possibly stalled) job;
  2. Look in the printout trays near the printers to see if your job already came out and was stored;
  3. Check 214.

For more details on printing at Duke Statistics, see the printing page.