All users are expected to:

  1. Maintain a reasonably secure password, and do not share it with anyone (current rules: 6-8 characters long, no dictionary words (any language), including some numbers or symbols)
  2. Never turn off one of the Duke Statistics computers (this can damage the computer hardware and corrupt your data and those of other users)
  3. Never move a running machine (this can damage the hard drive, dislodge the power cord and cause data loss or corruption, or cause the computer to overheat and fail if air circulation is impaired)
  4. Do NOT move any computer equipment or peripherals without permission. Under no circumstances may you remove departmental property from the building.
  5. Avoid using any faculty member's computer without prior permission
  6. Avoid using departmental mail lists for non-professional purposes
  7. Report problems promptly to stat-help@duke.edu (try to include a brief description of the problem and the machine name and operating system, both available in the output of the command ``uname -a'', if possible)

Guest users are additionally expected to: 

  • Avoid straining limited resources for non-Duke Statistics business: 
    • students should use accounts for course-related work,
    • colleagues for collaborative research,
    • MS students for their statistics research,
    • family members sparingly, etc.
  • All users should minimize their use of disk storage (see below for relevant web page) and should learn about and use the nice and renice commands for long-running batch jobs. 
  • All guest accounts must have an Duke Statistics sponsor who will be accountable for the guest's system usage. 
  • All guest accounts should be regarded as temporary, and account status is reviewed periodically. Course accounts are closed out at the end of the semester.