MATLAB is the preferred statistical programming language of the majority of the faculty in the Department of Statistical Science because MATLAB is a great deal faster than R at looping. Thus for complicated algorithms such as Metropolis-Hastings or Gibbs sampling, MATLAB is preferred to R. Students will need to know MATLAB in order to complete the second year courses and dissertation research. Within MATLAB, students can use the helpwin command which will load the MATLAB help window containing complete documentation of all MATLAB functions.

  • Basic Online Tutorial - a simple online tutorial to acquaint students with the basic functions of MATLAB.
  • Mathworks Tutorial - official MATLAB tutorial put out by Mathworks.
  • Example Code - Example MATLAB code of a very basic Gibbs sampler. Provides examples of how to read data from a file, write data to a file, and plotting figures. See the code explanation for more background information about the code.