LaTeX is a document preparation system used to write scholarly articles, prepare presentations, and many other documents. Latex is mandatory for submitting papers to many journals and style files for many of the top journals are available. Students will use LaTeX for writing theses/dissertations using the LaTex Template for Thesis/Dissertations (zip file). The uses of Latex are vast and the following resources are only sufficient to introduce beginners to the language. In addition to the thesis style file, the department maintains a number of style files for departmental letterhead  or preparing manuscripts for journals.

  • Latex Tutorial - a short document introducing students to the basic uses and layout of Latex documents.
  • Example Code - a zipped folder containing an example latex document, figures, bibliography, and compiled pdf document.
  • Latex Primer - a book on using Latex.
  • Latex Symbols - a comprehensive list of Latex symbols taken from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • Online Tutorial - an online tutorial of Latex containing tips about bibliographies, type setting math equations, and theorems.
  • Beamer User Guide - a complete guide to the Beamer document class as well as an easy to follow tutorial.

LaTeX Systems to Install on Personal Computers:

  • Latex Compilers or Systems to install

MikTex [recommended for Windows]  includes the TeXworks editor
MacTeX [recommended] is the easiest distribution to install and use on the Mac and is a redistribution of TeXLive and the GUI LaTeX editor TeXShop (note TeXShop may be used with other LaTeX distributions on the Mac)
TexMaker easy to use and available on Windows, Mac, and Linux
TeX Live TeX distribution for Linux, Mac, and Windows - command line (requires a separate editor)

  • Editors/Interfaces

TeXworks [recommended] runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows and is included in MikTeX and MacTeX  (modelled after the editor in TeXShop for Mac)
WinEdt (Windows only)
LEd (Windows)
TeXniCenter (Windows)
textmate (Mac only)
sublime 2 -  available on mac, windows and linux but requires a license
emacs with AucTeX (Emacs mode for editing LaTeX) provides support for editing, compiling, previewing LaTeX and BiBTeX  refcard (pdf)

  • Other recommended add-on

Beamer  (see platform specific instructions for adding packages to your distributions)
IguanaTEX - the (free) add-on for PowerPoint to enable use of LaTeX for equations etc in presentations.