Help Requests

If you need help using the computing resources in the department try the following:

  1. Search the department website for the topic to see if it is documented
  2. Read the UNIX manpage: In addition to the web-based help, you can find help about individual Unix commands with the commands man (manual, the online documentation for Unix) and apropos (try ``man man'' to get started), or for more recent additions with the command info(or C-h i within emacs).
  3. Try Google (there are many great tutorials and screencasts on the web)

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, please submit a help request to - these go to the system administrators. Please provide details of the problem, operating system, any error messages that will help in trouble shooting the problem. You will receive a confirmation email from the help system with a ticket number. Please save this email, and reply to this email for any comments related to the current problem.

If the problem is related to the website, please send the help request to

While we do encourage users to try to first solve a problem, please do report ongoing problems with the system right away and do not assume that some one else has reported it to