The Department of Statistical Science maintains and supports a modern high-performance unix-based computing environment to support the research and educational mission of its faculty, students, and staff.  User privileges are extended to visitors and to other guests. All users should read the Computing Policies before using this shared resource.

Most desktops in the department are running Fedora, a freely available linux distribution. Linux offers several Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), such as KDE, GnomeXFCE that provide customizable desktop environments with toolbars, windows, folders, and icons like in Windows or Mac OSX environments, while providing a command line shell for more traditional unix based commands. The Introduction section provides basic details for getting started with the desktop environment, basic unix commands, and more. While students and faculty have laptops running Windows or Mac OSX, some limited support is available for them within the department.

The links on the left are intended to introduce members (new and old) of the department to the StatSci computing environment. If you cannot locate the information that you need through they menus or the search menu, please email Please note that this section is still being updated so bear with us as we update and move old content to the new site.