Statistical Inference Concerning Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

Dennis V. Lindley
Duke University

Nov 30 1987

A probability model for the formation of genotypes from two alleles is given and expressed in terms of two parameters, α and β; α ≈ β corresponding to equilibrium. The likelihood for (α, β) given genotype daa is found providing estimation of α. A Bayesian test of the hypotheses that α ≈ 0 is also considered. The choice of prior distribution is discussed. Comparison is made with the usual tests of equilibrium proposed. An advantage of this approach is the provision, in α, of a measure of departure from equilibrium. There is a discussion of the general Bayesian procedure of investi


Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, Likelihood, Bayes method, Posterior distributions, Trimonial distribution, Significance tests, Significance levels, Inbreeding, Outbreeding, Numerical integration, Maximum likelihood estimation, Borel-Kolmogo


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