Discussion Papers Series

Discussion papers filtered by year.


  • 2015-2  — Xi Chen, Kaoru Irie, David Banks, Robert Haslinger, Jewell Thomas & Mike West
    Bayesian Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Streaming Network Data
  • 2015-1  — Lutz Gruber, Mike West
    Bayesian Forecasting and Portfolio Decisions using Simultaneous Graphical Dynamic Linear Models


  • 2014-7  — Rajarshi Guhaniyogi*, Shaan Qamar*, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Conditional Density Filtering
  • 2014-6  — Ye Wang, Antonio Canale, David Dunson
    Scalable multiscale density estimation
  • 2014-5  — Sanvesh Srivastava, Volkan Cevher, Quoc Tran-Dinh, David B. Dunson
    WASP: Scalable Bayes via barycenters of subset posteriors
  • 2014-3  — Zoey Yi Zhao, Meng Xie, Mike West
    Dynamic Dependence Networks: Financial Time Series Forecasting & Portfolio Decisions
  • 2014-2  — Fernando V Bonassi, Cliburn Chan, Mike West
    Bayesian Analysis of Immune Response Dynamics with Sparse Time Series Data
  • 2014-1  — Jouchi Nakajima, Mike West
    Dynamic Network Signal Processing using Latent Threshold Models


  • 2013-7  — Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, Rebecca M. Willett, David B. Dunson
    Approximated Bayesian Inference for Massive Streaming Data
  • 2013-1  — Jouchi Nakajima
    Bayesian analysis of multivariate stochastic volatility with skew distribution
  • 2013-8  — Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, David B. Dunson
    Compressed Gaussian Process for Manifold Regression
  • 2013-6  — Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, Shaan Qamar, David Dunson
    Bayesian Conditional Density Filtering for Big Data
  • 2013-5  — Andrea Mercatanti, Fan Li
    Do Debit Cards Increase Household Spending? Evidence from a Semiparametric Causal Analysis of a Survey
  • 2013-4  — Jouchi Nakajima, Mike West
    Dynamics & Sparsity in Latent Threshold Factor Models: A Study in Multivariate EEG Signal Processing
  • 2013-3  — Fan Li, Alessandra Mattei, Fabrizia Mealli
    Evaluating the Effect of University Grants on Student Dropout: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Using Bayesian Principal Stratification Analysis
  • 2013-2  — Yun Yang, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Manifold Regression


  • 2012-17  — Andrew Cron, Jacob Frelinger, Lynn Lin, Cecile Gouttefangeas, Satwinder K. Singh, Cedrik M. Britten, Marij J.P. Welters, Sjoerd H. van der Burg, Mike West, Cliburn CHan
    Hierarchical Modeling for Rare Event Detection and Cell Subset Alignment across Flow Cytometry Samples
  • 2012-16  — Anirban Bhattacharya, Debdeep Pati, Natesh S. Pillai, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian shrinkage
  • 2012-15  — Alessandra Mattei, Fan Li, Fabrizia Mealli
    Exploiting multiple outcomes in Bayesian principal stratification analysis with application to the evaluation of a job training program
  • 2012-14  — Andrea Mercatanti, Fan Li, Fabrizia Mealli
    Improving inference of Gaussian mixtures using auxiliary variables
  • 2012-13  — Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, David. B. Dunson
    Bayesian Compressed Regression
  • 2012-12  — Yun Yang, David Dunson
    Bayesian Conditional Tensor Factorizations for High-Dimensional Classification
  • 2012-11  — Emily Fox, David Dunson
    Multiresolution Gaussian processes
  • 2012-10  — Anirban Bhattacharya, Debdeep Pati and David B. Dunson
    Latent factor density regression models
  • 2012-7  — Li Ma
    Adaptive testing of conditional association through Bayesian recursive mixture modeling
  • 2012-6  — Lynn Lin, Cliburn Chan, Sine R. Hadrup, Quanli Wang, Mike West
    Hierarchical Bayesian Mixture Modelling for Antigen-specific T-cell Subtyping in Combinatorially Encoded Flow Cytometry Studies
  • 2012-5  — Debdeep Pati, Anirban Bhattacharya, Natesh S. Pillai, and David B. Dunson
    Posterior contraction in sparse Bayesian factor models for massive covariance matrices
  • 2012-9  — Xiaocong Zhou, Jouchi Nakajima, Mike West
    Bayesian Forecasting and Portfolio Decisions using Dynamic Dependent Sparse Factor Models
  • 2012-8  — Fernando Bonassi , Mike West
    SMC with Adaptive Weights for Approximate Bayesian Computation
  • 2012-4  — Li Ma
    Bayesian recursive variable selection
  • 2012-3  — Li Ma
    Recursive partitioning and Bayesian inference on conditional distributions
  • 2012-2  — Surya T Tokdar
    Adaptive Convergence Rates of a Dirichlet Process Mixture of Multivariate Normals
  • 2012-1  — Andrew Cron, Mike West
    Modelling of Random Sparse Orthogonal Matrices, with Applications in Bayesian Factor Analysis


  • 2011-28  — Tingting Zhang, Fan Li, Lane Beckes, James Coan
    Nonparametric Inference of Hemodynamic Response for Multi-Subject fMRI Data under Multi-Stimulus Design
  • 2011-27  — Fan Li, Alan M. Zaslavsky, Mary Beth Landrum
    Propensity score weighting with clustered data
  • 2011-26  — Fan Li, Michela Baccini, Fabrizia Mealli, Constantine E Frangakis, Elizabeth R Zell, Donald B Rubin
    Multiple Imputation by Ordered Monotone Blocks with Application to the Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed Trial
  • 2011-24  — Yaming Yu, Fan Li, Donald B. Rubin
    mputing Missing Data by Fully Conditional Models: Some Cautionary Examples and Guidelines
  • 2011-23  — Anirban Bhattacharya, Debdeep Pati, David B. Dunson
    Adaptive dimension reduction with a Gaussian process prior
  • 2011-22  — I. Manolopoulou, T.B.Kepler, D.M.Merl
    Mixtures of Gaussian Wells: Theory, Computation and Application in Immunofluorescence Histology
  • 2011-21  — I. Manolopoulou, B.C.Emerson
    Phylogeographic Ancestral Inference Using the Coalescent Model on Haplotype Trees
  • 2011-18  — Debdeep Pati, Anirban Bhattacharya, David B. Dunson
    Posterior convergence rates in non-linear latent variable models
  • 2011-17  — Andrew Cron, Wes McKinney
    gpustats: GPU Library for Statistical Computing
  • 2011-16  — Jouchi Nakajima, Mike West
    Dynamic Factor Volatility Modeling: A Bayesian Latent Threshold Approach
  • 2011-15  — Emily Fox, Mike West
    Autoregressive Models for Variance Matrices: Stationary Inverse Wishart Processes
  • 2011-14  — Benjamin A. Shaby, Martin T. Wells
    Exploring an Adaptive Metropolis Algorithm
  • 2011-13  — Surya T. Tokdar
    Adaptive Gaussian Predictive Process Approximation
  • 2011-12  — Surya T Tokdar, Joseph B Kadane
    Simultaneous Linear Quantile Regression: A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach
  • 2011-11  — Robert L. Wolpert, Lawrence D. Brown
    Markov Infinitely-Divisible Stationary Time-Reversible Integer-Valued Processes
  • 2011-19  — Mike West
    Bayesian Dynamic Modelling
  • 2011-10  — Debdeep Pati, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian closed surface fitting through tensor products
  • 2011-9  — Jouchi Nakajima
    Time-Varying Parameter VAR Model with Stochastic Volatility: An Overview of Methodology and Empirical Applications
  • 2011-8  — Jouchi Nakajima
    Monetary Policy Transmission under Zero Interest Rates: An Extended Time-Varying Parameter Vector Autoregression Approach
  • 2011-7  — Fernando Bonassi, Lingchong You, Mike West
    Bayesian learning from marginal data in bionetwork models
  • 2011-6  — Yuriy Mileyko, Sayan Mukherjee, John Harer
    Probability measures on the space of persistence diagrams
  • 2011-5  — Quanli Wang, Mike West
    Model-Controlled Flooding with Applications to Image Preprocessing and Segmentation
  • 2011-4  — Suprateek Kundu, David B. Dunson
    Single factor transformation priors for density regression
  • 2011-3  — P. Richard Hahn, James G. Scott, Carlos M. Carvalho
    A Sparse Factor-Analytic Probit Model for Congressional Voting Patterns
  • 2011-2  — Chiranjit Mukherjee, Prasad S. Kasibhatla, Mike West
    Spatially-Varying SAR Models and Bayesian Inference for High-Resolution Lattice Data
  • 2011-1  — Ioanna Manolopoulou, Melanie P. Matheu, Michael D. Cahalan, Mike West, Thomas B. Kepler
    Bayesian Spatio-Dynamic Modelling in Cell Motility Studies: Learning Nonlinear Taxic Fields Guiding Immune Response


  • 2010-26  — Lane F. Burgette, P. Richard Hahn
    Symmetric Bayesian Multinomial Probit Models
  • 2010-25  — Jochi Nakajima, Mike West
    Latent Threshold Dynamic Modelling: Bayesian Analysis, Model Fitting and Prediction
  • 2010-24  — Chiranjit Mukherjee, Prasad S. Kasibhatla, Mike West
    Bayesian Statistical Modeling of Spatially Correlated Structure in Atmospheric Tracer Inverse Analysis
  • 2010-23  — Lynn Lin, Cliburn Chan, Mike West
    Discriminative Information Analysis in Mixture Modelling
  • 2010-22  — Anirban Bhattacharya, David B. Dunson
    Simplex factor models for multivariate unordered categorical data
  • 2010-21  — Antonio Canale, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Kernel Mixtures for Counts
  • 2010-20  — Andrew Cron, Mike West
    Efficient Classification-Based Relabeling in Mixture Models
  • 2010-18  — Paul Bendich, Sayan Mukherjee, Bei Wang
    Towards Stratification Learning through Homology Inference
  • 2010-17  — Debdeep Pati, David B. Dunson, Surya Tokdar
    Posterior consistency in conditional distribution estimation
  • 2010-16  — David B. Dunson, Abhishek Bhattacharya
    Nonparametric Bayes regression and classification through mixtures of product kernels
  • 2010-14  — P. Richard Hahn, Carlos Carvalho, Sayan Mukherjee
    Predictor-dependent shrinkage for linear regression via partial factor modeling
  • 2010-13  — Abhishek Bhattacharya, David Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayes Classification and Testing on Manifolds with Applications on Hypersphere
  • 2010-12  — Guang Yao, Cheemeng Tan, Mike West, Joseph R. Nevins, Lingchong You
    A minimal gene circuit underlying the bistable cell cycle entry
  • 2010-11  — Merlise Clyde, Joyee Ghosh
    A Note on the Bias in Estimating Posterior Probabilities in Variable Selection
  • 2010-10  — Cliburn Chan, Lin Lin, Jacob Frelinger, Patricia D'Souza, Valerie Hebert, Dominic Gagnon, Claire Landry, Jennifer Enzor, Janet Ottinger, Maria Jaimes, Mike West
    Optimization of flow cytometry panel and gating strategy design with Discriminative Information Measure Evaluation (DIME)
  • 2010-9  — J.L. Chen, D. Merl, C.W. Peterson, J. WU, P.Y. Liu, H. Yin, D.M. Muoio, D.E. Ayers, M. West, J.T.A. Chi
    Lactic acidosis triggers starvation response with paradoxical induction of TXNIP through MondoA
  • 2010-8  — Artin Armagan, David Dunson
    Sparse Double Pareto Shrinkage
  • 2010-7  — Abhishek Bhattacharya, David Dunson
    Strong Consistency of Nonparametric Bayes Density Estimation on Compact Metric Spaces
  • 2010-6  — Abhishek Bhattacharya, David Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayesian Density Estimation on Manifolds with Applications to Planar Shapes
  • 2010-5  — Chunlin Ji, Haige Shen, Mike West
    Bounded Approximations for Marginal Likelihoods
  • 2010-4  — P. Richard Hahn, Kristian Lum, Carl Mela
    Testing Cognitive Hierarchy Theories of Beauty Contest Games
  • 2010-3  — Abel Rodriguez, David B. Dunson
    Functional Clustering in Nested Designs
  • 2010-2  — Marc Suchard, Quanli Wang, Cliburn Chan, Jacob Frelinger, Andrew Cron, Mike West
    Understanding GPU Programming for Statistical Computation: Studies in Massively Parallel Massive Mixtures
  • 2010-1  — Debdeep Pati, Brian J. Reich, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling with Informative Sampling Locations
  • 2010-19  — Robert L. Wolpert, Scott C. Schmidler
    alpha-Stable Limit Laws for Harmonic Mean Estimators of Marginal Likelihoods
  • 2010-15  — Joyee Ghosh, Merlise A Clyde
    Orthogonal Data Augmentation for Bayesian Model Averaging


  • 2009-26  — Ioanna Manolopoulou, Cliburn Chan, Mike West
    Selection Sampling from Large Data Sets for Targeted Inference in Mixture Models
  • 2009-25  — Debdeep Pati, David Dunson
    Bayesian Nonparametric Regression with Varying Residual Density
  • 2009-24  — Minghui Shi, David Dunson
    Bayesian Variable Selection via Particle Stochastic Search
  • 2009-23  — Anirban Bhattacharya, David Dunson
    Sparse Bayesian infinite factor models
  • 2009-22  — P. Richard Hahn, James G. Scott, Carlos M. Carvalho
    Sparse Factor-Analytic Probit Models
  • 2009-21  — Hao Wang, Craig Reeson, Carlos M. Carvalho
    Dynamic Financial Index Models: Modeling Conditional Dependencies via Graphs
  • 2009-20  — Artin Armagan, David Dunson
    Sparse Variational Analysis of Large Longitudinal Data Sets
  • 2009-19  — Ioanna Manolopoulou, Xiaojing Wang, Chunlin Ji, Heather E. Lynch, Shelley Stewart, Gregory D. Sempowski, S. Munir Alam, Mike West, Thomas B. Kepler
    Statistical Analysis of Cellular Aggregates in Immunofluorescence Histology
  • 2009-18  — Surya T Tokdar, Yu M Zhu, Jayanta K Ghosh
    Bayesian Density Regression Through Projections
  • 2009-17  — Chiranjit Mukherjee, Mike West
    Sequential Monte Carlo in Model Comparison: Example in Cellular Dynamics in Systems Biology
  • 2009-16  — Merlise Clyde, Joyee Ghosh, Michael Littman
    Bayesian Adaptive Sampling for Variable Selection
  • 2009-15  — Matthew J. Heaton, James G. Scott
    Bayesian Computation and the Linear Model
  • 2009-14  — Nicholas G. Polson, James G. Scott
    Alternative Global - Local Shrinkage Rules Using Hypergeometric-Beta Mixtures
  • 2009-13  — Abhishek Bhattacharya
    Statistical Analysis on Manifolds: A Nonparametric Approach for Inference on Shape Spaces
  • 2009-12  — Abhishek Bhattacharya, David Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayesian Density Estimation on Manifolds with Applications to Planar Shapes
  • 2009-11  — Quanli Wang
    A Novel Immersion Simulation Based Self-Organizing Transform with Application to Single-Cell Segmentation from Microscopy Images
  • 2009-10  — Justin Guinney, Philip Febbo, Mauro Maggioni, Sayan Mukherjee
    Multiscale factor models for molecular networks
  • 2009-9  — James G. Scott
    Flexible Learning on the Sphere via Adaptive Needlet Shrinkage and Selection
  • 2009-8  — Kai Mao, Qiang Wu, Feng Liang, Sayan Mukherjee
    Two models for Bayesian supervised dimension reduction
  • 2009-7  — Ryo Yoshida, Mike West
    Bayesian Learning in Sparse Graphical Factor Models via Annealed Entropy
  • 2009-6  — David A. Orlando, Edwin S. Iversen, Jr., Alexander J. Hartemink, Steven B. Haase
    A Branching Process Model for Flow Cytometry and Budding Index Measurements in Cell Synchrony Experiments
  • 2009-5  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Nicholas G. Polson, James G. Scott
    Shrink Globally, Act Locally: Regularized Regression with Multivariate Scale Mixtures
  • 2009-4  — Dawn B. Woodard, Robert L. Wolpert, Michael A. O'Connell
    Spatial Inference of Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater
  • 2009-3  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Nicholas G. Polson, James G. Scott
    Handling Sparsity via the Horseshoe
  • 2009-2  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson, Matthew Taddy
    Particle Learning for General Mixtures
  • 2009-1  — Simon Lunagomez, Sayan Mukherjee, Robert Wolpert
    Conditional Independence Models via Filtrations


  • 2008-39  — Abhishek Bhattacharya
    Nonparametric Statistics On Manifolds With Applications To Shape Spaces
  • 2008-37  — XuanLong Nguyen, Alan E. Gelfand
    The Dirichlet labeling process for functional data analysis
  • 2008-36  — Fei Liu, Mike West
    A dynamic modelling strategy for Bayesian computer model emulation
  • 2008-35  — Melanie A. Wilson, Edwin S. Iversen, Merlise A. Clyde, Scott C. Schmidler, Joellen M. Schildkraut
    Bayesian Model Search and Multilevel Inference for SNP Association Studies
  • 2008-34  — Dan Merl, Julia Lin-Yu Chen, Jen-Tsan Chi, Mike West
    Integrative Analysis of Cancer Gene Expression Studies using Bayesian Latent Factor Modelling
  • 2008-33  — Sourish Das, Ofer Harel, Dipak Dey, Jon CoVault, Henry Kranzler
    Analysis of Extreme Drinking in Patients with Alcohol Dependence Using Pareto Regression
  • 2008-32  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Michael Johannes, Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas Polson
    Particle Learning and Smoothing
  • 2008-31  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Nicholas G. Polson, James G. Scott
    The horseshoe estimator for sparse signals
  • 2008-30  — Joe E. Lucas, Carlos M. Carvalho, Mike West
    A Bayesian Analysis Strategy for Cross-Study Translation of Gene Expression Biomarkers
  • 2008-29  — Daniel Merl, Leah Johnson, Robert Gramacy, Marc Mangel
    A Statistical Framework for the Adaptive Management of Epidemiological Interventions
  • 2008-28  — Sourish Das, Dipak Dey
    Analysis of 5 Loxin Treatment for Patients with Osteoarthritis in Clinical Trial using Power Filter
  • 2008-26  — David B. Dunson
    Kernel local partition processes for functional data
  • 2008-25  — Chunlin Ji, Dan Merl, Tom Kepler, Mike West
    Spatial mixture modelling for unobserved point processes: Application in cell-type intensity mapping in immunology
  • 2008-24  — K. Mao, Q. Wu, F. Liang, S. Mukherjee
    Non-parametric Bayesian simultaneous dimension reduction and regression on manifolds
  • 2008-22  — Quanli Wang, Lingchong You, Mike West
    CellTracer: Software for automated image segmentation and lineage mapping for single-cell studies
  • 2008-21  — Jarad Niemi, Mike West
    Adaptive mixture modelling Metropolis methods for Bayesian analysis of non-linear state-space models
  • 2008-20  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Jill Rickershauser
    Volatility in Prediction Markets: A Measure of Information Flow in Political Campaigns
  • 2008-19  — Q. Wu, F. Liang, S. Mukherjee
    Localized sliced inverse regression
  • 2008-18  — Dan Merl, Joe Lucas, Joe Nevins, Haige Shen, Mike West
    Trans-Study Projection of Genomic Biomarkers in Analysis of Oncogene Deregulation and Breast Cancer
  • 2008-17  — Lianming Wang, David Dunson
    Semiparametric Bayes Multiple Testing: Applications to Tumor Data
  • 2008-16  — Joyee Ghosh, David B. Dunson
    Default Prior Distributions and Efficient Posterior Computation in Bayesian Factor Analysis
  • 2008-15  — Mingan Yang, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Semiparametric Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables
  • 2008-14  — Yeonseung Chung, David Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayes conditional distribution modeling with variable selection
  • 2008-13  — Haige Shen, Mike West
    Bayesian modeling for biological pathway annotation of genomic signatures
  • 2008-12  — Bala Rajaratnam, Helene Massam, Carlos M. Carvalho
    Flexible Covariance Estimation in Graphical Gaussian Models
  • 2008-11  — Joseph E. Lucas, Carlos M. Carvalho, Dan Merl, Mike West
    In-vitro to In-vivo factor profiling in expression genomics
  • 2008-10  — James G. Scott, James O. Berger
    Multiple Testing, Empirical Bayes, and the Variable-Selection Problem
  • 2008-9  — James G. Scott
    Nonparametric Bayesian multiple hypothesis testing of autoregressive time series
  • 2008-8  — Natesh S. Pillai, Robert L. Wolpert
    Posterior Consistency of BNP Models Using Lévy RF Priors
  • 2008-7  — M. J. Bayarri, James O. Berger, Eliza S. Calder, Keith Dalbey, Simon Lunagomez, Abani K. Patra, E. Bruce Pitman, Elaine Spiller, Robert L. Wolpert
    Using Statistical and Computer Modesl to Quantify Volcanic Hazards
  • 2008-6  — David Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayes applications to biostatistics
  • 2008-5  — Dawn B. Woodard
    Detecting Poor Convergence of Posterior Samplers Due to Multimodality
  • 2008-4  — Cliburn Chan, Feng Feng, Mike West, Thomas B Kepler
    Statistical mixture modeling for cell subtype identification in flow cytometry
  • 2008-3  — David B. Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayes local borrowing of information and clustering
  • 2008-2  — Xi Zhou, Merlise A. Clyde, James Garrett, Viridiana Lourdes, Michael O'Connell, Giovanni Parmigiani, David J. Turner, Tim Wiles
    Statistical Methods for Automated Drug Susceptibility Testing: Bayesian Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Prediction from Growth Curves
  • 2008-1  — Hao Wang, Mike West
    Bayesian analysis of matrix normal graphical models


  • 2007-27  — Quanli Wang, Jarad Niemi, Chee-Meng Tan, Lingchong You, Mike West
    Image segmentation and dynamic lineage analysis in single-cell fluorescent microscopy
  • 2007-26  — James L. Crooks, James O. Berger, Thomas J. Loredo
    Posterior-Guided Importance Sampling for Calculating Marginal Likelihoods with Application to Bayesian Exoplanet Searches
  • 2007-25  — Q. Wu, F. Liang, S. Mukherjee
    Regularized sliced inverse regression for kernel models
  • 2007-24  — Joe E Lucas, Carlos Carvalho, Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi, Mike West
    Bench-to-bedside and cross-study projections of genomic biomarkers: An evaluation in breast cancer genomics
  • 2007-23  — Rich MacLehose, David B. Dunson
    Nonparametric Bayes kernel-based priors for functional data analysis
  • 2007-22  — R.F. MacLehose, D.B. Dunson
    Bayesian semi-parametric multiple shrinkage
  • 2007-21  — Ju-Hyun Park, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian generalized product partition model
  • 2007-20  — James G. Scott, Carlos M. Carvalho
    Feature-inclusion stochastic search for Gaussian graphical models
  • 2007-19  — Carlos M. Carvalho, James G. Scott
    Objective Bayesian Model Selection in Gaussian Graphical Models
  • 2007-18  — J. Guinney, Q. Wu, S. Mukherjee
    Estimating variable structure and dependence in Multi-task learning via gradients
  • 2007-17  — Q. Wu, J. Guinney, M. Maggioni, S. Mukherjee
    Learning gradients: predictive models that infer geometry and dependence
  • 2007-16  — E. Edelman, J. Guinney, J-T. Chi, P.G. Febbo, S. Mukherjee
    Modeling Cancer Progression via Pathway Dependencies
  • 2007-15  — Lianming Wang, David B. Dunson
    Fast Bayesian inference in Dirichlet process mixture models
  • 2007-14  — Natesh S. Pillai, Robert L. Wolpert, Merlise A. Clyde
    A Note on Posterior Consistency of the Nonparametric Poisson Regression Model
  • 2007-13  — David B. Dunson, Amy H. Herring
    Fast nonparametric Bayes joint modeling with functional predictors
  • 2007-12  — Julia Ling Chen, Joe E Lucas, Mike West, Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi
    Genomic analysis of response to lactic acidosis in human cancers
  • 2007-11  — Lianming Wang, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian isotonic density regression
  • 2007-10  — Feng Liang, Kai Mao, Ming Liao, Sayan Mukherjee, Mike West
    Non-parametric Bayesian kernel models
  • 2007-9  — Jeff Chang, Carlos Carvalho, Seiichi Mori, Andrea Bild, Quanli Wang, Mike West, Joseph Nevins
    Decomposing cellular signalling pathways into functional units: A genomic strategy
  • 2007-8  — David B. Dunson, Mingan Yang, Donna Baird
    Semiparametric Bayes hierarchical models with mean and variance constraints
  • 2007-7  — Abel Rodriguez, David B. Dunson, Alan E. Gelfand
    Nonparametric functional data analysis through Bayesian Density Estimation
  • 2007-6  — James Berger, Dongchu Sun
    Objective Priors for the Bivariate Normal Model with Multivariate Generalizations
  • 2007-5  — David M. Seo, Pascal J. Goldschmidt, Mike West
    Of Mice and Men: Sparse Statistical Modelling in Cardiovascular Genomics
  • 2007-4  — Yeonseung Chung, David B. Dunson
    The local Dirichlet process
  • 2007-3  — David B. Dunson, Ya Xue, Lawrence Carin
    The matrix stick-breaking process: Flexible Bayes meta analysis
  • 2007-2  — David B. Dunson, Shyamal Peddada
    Bayesian nonparametric inference on stochastic ordering
  • 2007-1  — Satkartar K. Kinney, Jerome P. Reiter
    Signficance testing when using multiple imputation for missing data and disclosure limitation


  • 2006-23  — M.J. Bayarri, G. Garcia-Donato
    Divergence Based Priors for Bayesian Hypothesis testing
  • 2006-22  — David B. Dunson, Ju-Hyun Park
    Kernel stick-breaking processes
  • 2006-21  — Abel Rodriguez, Enrique ter Horst
    Dynamic density estimation with financial applications
  • 2006-20  — Sayan Mukherjee, Qiang Wu, Ding-Xuan Zhou
    Learning Gradients and Feature Selection on Manifolds
  • 2006-19  — Abel Rodriguez, David B. Dunson, Alan E. Gelfand
    The nested Dirichlet Process
  • 2006-18  — Natesh Pillai, Qiang Wu, Feng Liang, Sayan Mukherjee, Robert L. Wolpert
    Characterizing the function space for Bayesian kernel models
  • 2006-17  — David B. Dunson
    Bayesian methods for latent trait modeling of longitudinal data
  • 2006-16  — David B. Dunson, Amy H. Herring
    Semiparametric Bayesian latent trajectory models
  • 2006-15  — Hedibert F. Lopes, Carlos M. Carvalho
    Factor stochastic volatility with time varying loadings and Markov switching regimes
  • 2006-14  — Carlos M. Carvalho, Mike West
    Dynamic Matrix-Variate Graphical Models
  • 2006-13  — Jamie L. Bigelow, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Semiparametric Clustering of Functional Predictors
  • 2006-12  — M.A. Clyde, J.O. Berger, F. Bullard, E. Ford, B. Jefferys, R. Luo, R. Paulo, T. Loredo
    Current Challenges in Bayesian Model Choice
  • 2006-11  — Jen-Hwa Chu, Merlise Clyde, Feng Liang
    Bayesian Function Estimation using an Overcomplete Continuous Wavelet Dictionary
  • 2006-10  — Merlise A. Clyde, Robert L. Wolpert
    Nonparametric Function Estimation using Overcomplete Dictionaries
  • 2006-9  — Ricky Rambharat, Anthony Brockwell
    Sequential Monte Carlo Pricing of American-Style Options under Stochastic Volatility Models
  • 2006-8  — Robert L. Wolpert, Merlise A. Clyde, Chong Tu
    Lévy Adaptive Regression Kernels
  • 2006-7  — Merlise A. Clyde, Leanna L. House, Robert L. Wolpert
    Nonparametric Models for Proteomic Peak Identification and Quantification
  • 2006-6  — Satkartar K. Kinney, David B. Dunson
    Fixed and random effects selection in linear and logistic models
  • 2006-5  — Elena Edelman, Alessandro Porrello, Ran Liu, Bala Balakumaran, Andrea Bild, Phillip G. Febbo, Sayan Mukherjee
    Analysis of Sample Set Enrichment Scores: assaying the enrichment of sets of genes for individual samples in genome-wide expression profiles
  • 2006-4  — Rebecca M. Willett, Robert D. Nowak
    Minimax Optimal Level Set Estimation
  • 2006-3  — David B. Dunson
    Efficient Bayesian Model Averaging in Factor Analysis
  • 2006-2  — Qiang Wu, Sayan Mukherjee
    Estimation of Gradients and Coordinate Covariation in Classification
  • 2006-1  — Joe Lucas, Carlos Carvalho, Quanli Wang, Andrea Bild, Joe Nevins, Mike West
    Sparse Statistical Modelling in Gene Expression Genomics


  • 2005-24  — Gangqiang Xia, Alan E. Gelfand
    Stationary Process Approximation for the Analysis of Large Spatial Datasets
  • 2005-23  — Jason A. Duan, Michele Guidani, Alan E. Gelfand
    Generalized Spatial Dirichlet Process Models
  • 2005-22  — Woncheol Jang
    Cluster Analysis of Massive Datasets in Astronomy.
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    PQL Estimation Biases in Generalized Linear Mixed Models.
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    Empirical Bayes fitting of semiparametric random effects models to large data sets
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    Bayesian methods for assessing ordering in hazard functions
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    Semiparametric classification in hierarchical functional data analysis
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    Bayesian multivariate isotonic regression splines: Applications to carcinogenicity studies
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    Variable selection in nonparametric random effects models
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    "High-dimensional sparse factor models & latent factor regression"
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    Bayesian selection and clustering of polymorphisms in functionally-related genes
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    Mixtures of g-priors for Bayesian Variable Selection
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    Learning Coordinate Covariances via Gradients
  • 2005-10  — Chris Hans, Adrian Dobra, Mike West
    Shotgun stochastic search in regression with many predictors
  • 2005-9  — Feng Liang, Sayan Mukhejee, Mike West
    Understanding the use of unlabelled data in predictive modelling
  • 2005-8  — Abel Rodriquez, David Dunson, Jack Taylor
    Analysis of DNA repair studies through Bayesian hierarchical models for mixtures
  • 2005-7  — Mike West
    Fitting high-dimensional, sparse regression and ANOVA models: Application to factorial gene expression experiments
  • 2005-6  — Jamie Bigelow, David Dunson
    Bayesian adaptive regression splines for hierarchical data
  • 2005-5  — M.J. Bayarri, G. Garcia-Donato
    Extending Conventional Priors for Testing General Hypotheses in Linear Models
  • 2005-4  — Yuhong (Casper) Wu, Haakon Tjelmeland, Mike West
    Bayesian CART: Prior specification and posterior simulation
  • 2005-3  — Carlos Carvalho, Helene Massam, Mike West
    Simulation of hyper-inverse Wishart distributions in graphical models
  • 2005-2  — Marco Ferreira, David Higdon, Herbert K Lee, Mike West
    Multi-Scale random field models
  • 2005-1  — Bo Cai, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian covariance selection in generalized linear mixed models


  • 2004-33  — David B. Dunson
    Bayesian density regression
  • 2004-32  — M.J. Bayarri, M.E. Castellanos
    Bayesian checking of hierarchical models
  • 2004-31  — Yuguo Chen, Jun S. Liu
    Permanents, Zero-One Tables, and Permutation Tests
  • 2004-30  — Yuguo Chen
    Another Look at Rejection Sampling Through Importance Sampling
  • 2004-29  — Yuguo Chen, Ian H. Dinwoodie, Brenda MacGibbon
    Sampling for Conditional Inference on Case/Control Data
  • 2004-28  — David B. Dunson, Amy H. Herring
    Bayesian Latent Variable Models for Mixed Discrete Outcomes
  • 2004-27  — Michael L. Pennell, David B. Dunson
    Bayesian Semiparametric Dynamic Frailty Models for Multiple Event Time Data
  • 2004-26  — Yuguo Chen
    Conditional Inference on Tables with Structural Zeros
  • 2004-25  — Jeremy Rich, Beatrix Jones, Ed Iversen, Chris Hans, Roger McClendon, Ahmed Rasheed, Darell Bigner, Adrian Dobra, Holly Dressman, Joseph Nevins, Mike West
    Gene Expression Profiling and Graphical Association in Glioblastoma Survival
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    Graphical Model-based Gene Clustering and Metagene Expression Analysis
  • 2004-23  — Adrian Dobra, Mike West
    Bayesian Covariance Selection
  • 2004-22  — Quanli Wang, Guang Yao, Joseph Nevins, Mike West, Adrian Dobra
    GraphExplore: A Software Tool for Network Visualization
  • 2004-21  — Yuguo Chen
    Simple Existence Conditions for Zero-One Matrices with at Most One Structural Zero in Each Row and Column
  • 2004-20  — Yuguo Chen, Ian Dinwoodie, Seth Sullivant
    Sequential Importance Sampling for Multiway Tables
  • 2004-19  — Yuguo Chen, Tze Leung Lai
    Fast Particle Filters and Their Applications to Recursive Identification and Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
  • 2004-18  — Enrique ter Horst, Robert L. Wolpert, Samuel W. Malone
    Pricing & Hedging Options on Assets driven by Infinitely Divisible Vector Processes
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    Approximate Bayesian Inference for Quantiles
  • 2004-16  — David B. Dunson, Amy H. Herring
    Bayesian model selection and averaging in additive and proportional hazards models
  • 2004-15  — Beatrix Jones, Mike West
    Covariance Decomposition in Multivariate Analysis
  • 2004-14  — Robert L. Wolpert
    A Conversation with James O. Berger
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    Bayesian Inferences on Umbrella Orderings
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    Lattice Points, Contingency Tables, and Sampling
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    Bayesian Inferences on Predictors of Day-Specific Conception Probabilities
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    Semiparametric Bayesian Latent Response Models
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    A Bayesian, Sequential look at u-Control Charts
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    Gene Expression Profiles and Predicting Clinical Characteristics of Breast Cancer
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    Experiments in Stochastic Computation for High-Dimensional Graphical Models


  • 2003-28  — Rui Paulo
    Default Priors for Gaussian Processes
  • 2003-27  — Rui Paulo
    Conditional Frequentist Sequential Tests for the Drift of Brownian Motion
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    P Values are not Error Probabilities
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    Bayesian Analysis of Interval Counts with Surrogate Data on the Latency Times
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    Bayesian Inferences in Shape Constrained Hormone Trajectories in the Menstrual Cycle
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    Hierarchical Bayesian calibration with reference priors: An application to airborne particulate matter monitoring data
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    Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Statistical Analysis of Tables
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    Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Filtering and Smoothing in Hidden Markov Models
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    Improved Minimax Prediction Under Kullback-Leibler Loss
  • 2003-17  — Merlise Clyde, Edward I. George
    Model Uncertainty
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    Bayesian Isotonic Regression for Discrete Outcomes
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    Bayesian Isotonic Regression and Trend Analysis
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    Sequential Importance Sampling with Resampling in Molecular Population Genetics
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    Prediction Tree Models in Clinico-Genomics
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    Monte Carlo Smoothing for Non-Linear Time Series
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    Sparse Graphical Models for Exploring Gene Expression Data
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    Bayesian Analysis of Binary Prediction Tree Models for Retrospectively Sampled Outcomes
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    Monte Carlo algorithms for Hardy-Weinberg Proportions
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    Testing the Rasch Model via Sequential Importance Sampling
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    Classification of Missense Mutations of Disease Genes
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    Bayesian Inference on Order Constrained Parameters in Generalized Linear Models
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    Training Samples in Objective Bayesian Model Selection
  • 2002-13  — Herbert K. H. Lee, Merlise A. Clyde
    Lossless Online Bayesian Bagging
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    Bayesian Factor Regression Models in the ``Large p, Small n'' Paradigm
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    A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach to Inverse Problems
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    Multi-scale Modeling of 1-D Permeability Fields
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    Bayesian modeling of incidence and progression of disease from cross-sectional data
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    Optimal Predictive Model Selection
  • 2002-1  — James O. Berger
    Could Fisher, Jeffreys, and Neyman Have Agreed on Testing?


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    A Marked Point Process Model for the Source Proximity Effect in the Indoor Environment
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    Population-Calibrated Gene Characterization: Cancer Penetrance Among BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers
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    A Marginal Ergodic Theorem
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    Experimental Design: A Bayesian Perspective
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    Monte Carlo Smoothing with Application to Digital Audio Enhancement
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    Space and Space-Time Modeling using Process Convolutions
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    A Bayesian Approach to Characterizing Uncertainty in Inverse Problems Using Coarse and Fine Scale Information
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    Bagging and the Bayesian Bootstrap
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    A Framework for Nonparametric Regression Using Neural Networks
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    The Gamma Function
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    Bayesian Regression Analysis in the Large p, Small n Paradigm
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    Model Selection for Neural Network Classification
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    Explaining the Perfect Sampler
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    Objective Bayesian Methods for Model Selection: Introduction and Comparison
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    A Noninformative Prior for Neural Networks
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    Profiling mental health provider trends in health care delivery systems
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    Bayesian Analysis Today and Tomorrow
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    MCMC Methods in Wavelet Shrinkage: Non-Equally Spaced Regression, Density and Spectral Density Estimation


  • 1998-43  — Sarat C. Dass, James O. Berger
    Unified Bayesian and Conditional Frequentist Testing of Composite Hypotheses
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    Accounting for Model Uncertainty in Prediction of Chlorophyll a in Lake Okeechobee
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    V.A. Hospital Quality Monitors: 1988-1997
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    P-values for Composite Null Models
  • 1998-39  — Giovanni Petris, Mike West
    Bayesian time series modelling and prediction with long-range dependence
  • 1998-38  — Hedibert Lopes, Mike West
    Bayesian model assessment in factor analysis
  • 1998-37  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Donald A. Berry, Eric P. Winer, Claudia Tebaldi, J. Dirk Iglehart, Leonard R. Prosnitz
    Is Axillary Lymph Node Dissection Indicated for Early Stage Breast Cancer---A Decision Analysis
  • 1998-36  — Nicola G. Best, Katja Ickstadt, Robert L. Wolpert
    Spatial Poisson regression for health and exposure data measured at disparate resolutions
  • 1998-35  — Dave Higdon, Steve Yamamoto,
    Bayesian Image Analysis in Scanning Magnetorisistance Microscopy
  • 1998-34  — Brani Vidakovic, Gabriel Katul
    A Note on Wavelet Transformations of Some Processes Useful in Modeling of Turbulence Measurements
  • 1998-33  — Jacob Laading, Colin McCulloch, Valen Johnson, David Gilland, Ronald Jaszczak
    A Hierarchical Feature Based Deformation Model Applied to 4D Cardiac SPECT Data
  • 1998-32  — M.J. Bayarri, A.M. Mayoral
    Graphical Models for Hierarchical Computations in the Analysis and Design of Replications
  • 1998-31  — Terence Tao, Brani Vidakovic
    Almost Everywhere Convergence of General Wavelet Shrinkage Estimators
  • 1998-30  — Brani Vidakovic, Gabriel Katul
    The Filtering of Ozone Concentration Measurements in a Turbulent Air Stream Using Bayesian Models in the Wavelet Domain
  • 1998-29  — Donald A. Berry
    Benefits and Risks of Screening Mammography for Women in Their Forties: a Statistical Appraisal
  • 1998-28  — Y. Cheng, F. Su, D. Berry
    Group Sequential Strategies in Two-Armed Bandit Problems: Implications for Clinical Sample Sizes
  • 1998-27  — Hedibert Freitas Lopes, Ajax R.B. Moreira, Alexandra M. Schmidt
    Hyperparameter Estimation in Forecast Models
  • 1998-26  — Valen Johnson
    Posterior Distributions on Normalizing Constants
  • 1998-25  — Raquel Prado
    Software for non-stationary time series analysis and decompositions via TVAR models.
  • 1998-24  — Katja Ickstadt, Robert Wolpert, Xuedong Lu
    Modeling travel demand in Portland, Oregon
  • 1998-22  — Katja Ickstadt, Robert Wolpert
    Spatial Regression for Marked Point Processes
  • 1998-21  — Merlise Clyde, Edward I. George
    Flexible Empirical Bayes Estimation for Wavelets
  • 1998-20  — Merlise Clyde
    Bayesian Model Averaging and Model Search Strategies
  • 1998-19  — Andrew Krystal, Raquel Prado, Mike West
    New Methods of Time Series Analysis for Non-stationary EEG Data: Eigenstructure Decompositions of Time Varying Autoregressions
  • 1998-18  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Decision Models In Screening For Breast Cancer
  • 1998-17  — Dave Higdon, Jenise Swall, John Kern
    Non-Stationary Spatial Modeling
  • 1998-16  — M.J. Bayarri, James O. Berger
    Quantifying Surprise in the Data and Model Verification
  • 1998-15  — Pier Luigi Conti
    Large Sample Bayesian Analysis for Geo/G/1 Discrete Time Queueing Models
  • 1998-14  — Bruno Sanso, Lelys Guenni
    A Non-stationary Multisite Model for Rainfall
  • 1998-13  — Dave Higdon
    Estimation of Genetic Effects in the Presence of Spatial Trend and Censoring
  • 1998-12  — Susan Paddock, Jeffery Abrams, Hyman Muss, Joseph Aisner, Donald A. Berry
    Choosing Dose of Megestrol Acetate in Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Bayesian Approach to Clinical Problem Solving
  • 1998-11  — Marianna Pensky, Brani Vidakovic
    Adaptive Wavelet Estimator for Nonparametric Density Deconvolution
  • 1998-10  — Peter Mueller
    Simulation Based Optimal Design
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    Bayesian Semi-parametric Analysis Of Developmental Toxicology Data
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    Missense Mutations in Disease Genes: A Bayesian Approach to Evaluate Causality
  • 1998-7  — Omar Aguilar, Gabriel Huerta, Raquel Prado, Mike West
    Bayesian Inference on Latent Structure in Time Series
  • 1998-6  — Marianna Pensky, Brani Vidakovic
    On Non-equally spaced wavelet regression
  • 1998-5  — Iversen, Jr, Edwin
    spatially Disaggregated real estate indices
  • 1998-4  — Michael Lavine
    Another Look at Conditionally Gaussian Markov Random Fields
  • 1998-3  — Omar Aguilar, Mike West
    Bayesian dynamic factor models and variance matrix discounting for portfolio allocation
  • 1998-2  — David Rios Insua, Peter Mueller
    Feedforward neural networks for nonpametric regression
  • 1998-1  — Claudia Tebaldi, Mike West
    Bayesian inference and imputation in contingency tables with missing data


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    Analysis of Hospital Quality Monitors using Hierarchical Time Series Models (Formerly 1997-22b)
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    Measures of Surprise in Bayesian Analysis
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    Accurate and Stable Bayesian Model Selection: the Median Intrinsic Bayes Factor
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    Default Bayes Factors for One-Sided Hyothesis Testing
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    On Criticisms and Comparisons of Default Bayes Factors for Model Selection and Hypothesis Testing
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    A Catalog of Noninformative Priors
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    Simultaneous Bayesian-Frequentist Sequential Testing of Nested Hypotheses
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    Bayes Factors and Marginal Distributions In Invariant Situations
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    Robust Bayesian Displays for Standard Inferences Concerning A Normal Mean
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    Genetic Susceptibility and Survival: Application to Breast Cancer
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    Semi-parametric PK/PD Models
  • 1997-36  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Designing Observation Times for Interval Censored Data
  • 1997-35  — Colin McCulloch, Jacob Laading, Valen Johnson
    Image Feature Identification Via Bayesian Hierarchical Models
  • 1997-34  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Donald A. Berry, Omar Aguilar
    Determining Carrier Probabilities for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2: USER'S MANUAL
  • 1997-33  — J. Lynn Palmer, Peter Mueller
    Population Models for Hematologic Data
  • 1997-32  — Peter Mueller, J. Lynn Palmer
    Optimal Design in Longitudinal Data Models
  • 1997-31  — Fabrizio Ruggeri, Michael Wiper, David Rios Insua
    Bayesian Model Selection for M/G/1 Queues
  • 1997-30  — Fabrizio Ruggeri, Siva Sivaganesan
    On a Global Sensitivity Measure for Bayesian Inference
  • 1997-29  — Jacinto Martin, David Rios Insua, Fabrizio Ruggeri
    Issues in Bayesian Loss Robustness
  • 1997-28  — C. Armero, M.J. Bayarri
    Dealing with Uncertainties in Queues and Networks of Queues: A Bayesian Approach
  • 1997-27  — M.J. Bayarri, A.M. Mayoral
    Designing "Successful" Replications
  • 1997-26  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Donald A. Berry, Iversen, Jr, Edwin, Peter Mueller, Joellen Schildkraut, Eric P. Winer
    Modeling Risk of Breast Cancer and Decisions about Genetic Testing
  • 1997-25  — Bruno Sanso, Peter Mueller
    Redesigning a Network of Rainfall Stations
  • 1997-24  — Iversen, Jr, Edwin, Giovanni Parmigiani, Donald Berry
    Validating Bayesian Prediction Models: a Case Study in Genetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer
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    Mixture models in the exploration of structure-activity relationships in drug design
  • 1997-22  — Mike West, Omar Aguilar
    Studies of Quality Monitor Time Series: The V.A. Hospital System (Formerly 1997-22a)
  • 1997-21  — Don Berry
    Using a Bayesian Approach in Medical Device Development
  • 1997-20  — Dalene Stangl, Don Berry
    Bayesian Statistics in Medicine: Where Are We and Where Should We Be Going?
  • 1997-19  — Dalene Stangl, Gabreil Huerta
    Using Bayesian Hierarchical Models to Assess the Impact of Managed-Care Strategies
  • 1997-18  — Claudia Tebaldi, Mike West, Alan F Karr
    Statistical analyses of freeway traffic flows
  • 1997-17  — Cinzia Carota, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Semiparametric Regression for Count Data
  • 1997-16  — Dave Higdon
    A Process-Convolution Approach to Modeling Temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean
  • 1997-15  — Mike West, Michael D. Escobar
    Computing Bayesian Nonparametric Hierarchical Models.
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    Evaluation and Comparison of EEG traces: Latent Structure in Non-Stationary Time Series.
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    Bayesian Inference on Periodicities and Component Spectral Structure in Time Series
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    Modelling of Synaptic Responses: Physiological and Statistical Approaches In Mathematical Modelling in the Neurosciences: From Ionic Channels to Neural Syncytia, (ed: R.R. Poznanski), to appear.
  • 1997-11  — Michael Lavine, Susan Lozier
    A Markov Random Field Spatio-temporal Analysis of Ocean Temperature
  • 1997-10  — Ynayan Ma, Gilbert Strang, Brani Vidakovic
    The First Moment of Wavelet Random Variables
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    Skin Temperature Perturbations Induced by Surface Layer Turbulence
  • 1997-8  — Giovanni Petris
    Bayesian Spectral Analysis of Long Memory Time Series
  • 1997-7  — Julian Besag, David Higdon
    Bayesian Inference for Agricultural Field Experiments
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    Accounting for Model Uncertainty in Poisson Regression Models: Particulate Matter and Mortality in Birmingham, AL
  • 1997-5  — David Rios Insua, Brani Vidakovic
    Wavelet-Based Random Densities
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    Expansion Estimation By Bayes Rules
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    Priors and Component Structures in Autoregressive Time Series Models
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    Bayes Factors: What They Are and What They Are Not
  • 1997-1  — James O. Berger, Brunero Liseo, Robert L Wolpert
    Integrated Likelihood Methods for Eliminating Nuisance Parameters


  • 1996-32  — Robert L. Wolpert
    Testing Simple Hypotheses
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    A shape-based framework for automated image segmentation
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    Strategies for Model Mixing in Generalized Linear Models
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    Bayesian Population Pharmacokintecs and Pharmacodynamic Analyses Using Mixture Models
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    Posterior Simulation for Feed Forward Neural Network Models
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    Teaching Elementary Bayesian Statistics with Real Applications in Science
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    Time Adaptive Wavelet Denoising
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    Identification of Low-Dimensional Energy Containing/Flux Transporting Eddy Motion in the Atmospheric Surface Layer Using Wavelet Thresholding Methods
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    Wavelet and Autoregressive Decompositions for Evaluating Frequency Compositions in Time Series
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    An Alternative to Traditional GPA for Evaluating Student Performance
  • 1996-19  — Katja Ickstadt, Robert Wolpert
    Multiresolution Assessment of Forest Inhomogeneity
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    A Dirichlet Process Elaboration Diagnostic for Binomial Goodness of Fit
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    Auxiliary Variable Methods for Markov Chain Monte Carlo with Applications
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    Bayesian Inference on Network Traffic Using Link Count Data
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    Combining Information from Related Regressions
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    Meta-analysis of Migraine Headache Treatments: Combining Information From Heterogeneous Designs
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    Exploratory Modelling of Multiple Non-Stationary Time Series: Latent Process Structure and Decompositions
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    The 'Bayesics' of Ranked Set Sampling
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    Monte Carlo Methods for Decision Analysis with Applications to Influence Diagrams
  • 1996-6  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Donald A. Berry, Omar Aguilar
    Determining Carrier Probabilities for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2
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    A Coupling-Regeneration Scheme for Diagnosing Convergence in Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms
  • 1996-4  — Michael Lavine
    Conditionality is Alive and Well
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    Incorporating Toxicity Grade Information in the Continual Reassessment Method Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
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    Constrained Forecasts in Arma Models: A Bayesian Approach
  • 1996-1  — Katja Ickstadt, Robert L. Wolpert
    Spatial Correlation Versus Spatial Variation: Gamma/Poisson Hierarchical Models in Comparison


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    Combining Expert Judgement by Hierarchical Modelling: An Application to Physician Staffing
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    Wavelet Shrinkage with Affine Bayes Rules with Applications
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    Bayesian Inference with Wavelets: Density Estimation
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    Bayesian Methods in the Analysis of Clinical Trials: A Discussion
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    Issues in Bayesian Analysis of Neural Network Models
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    Bandit Problems with Infinitely Many Arms
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    Preventing the Dirac Disaster: Wavelet Based Density Estimation
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    Nonparametric Density Estimation Using Wavelets
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    General Strategies for Assessing Convergence of MCMC Algorithms Using Coupled Sample Paths
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    A Hybrid Markov Chain for the Bayesian Analysis of the Multinomial Probit Model
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    Constrained Design Strategies for Improving Normal Approximations in Nonlinear Regression Problems
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    Bayesian Forecasting of Multinomial Time Series Through Conditionally Gaussian Dynamic Models
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    Bayesian Time Series: Models and Computations for the Analysis of Time Series in the Physical Sciences
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    Bayesian Reconstruction and Use of Anatomical A Priori Information for Emission Tomography
  • 1995-18  — Mike West
    Time Series Decomposition and Analysis in a Study of Oxygen Isotope Records
  • 1995-17  — James H. Albert
    Bayesian Computation Using Minitab
  • 1995-16  — James H. Albert
    Teaching Inference Using Bayes and Discrete Models
  • 1995-15  — James H. Albert
    Bayesian Selection of Log-Linear Models
  • 1995-14  — Aluisio Pinheiro, Brani Vidakovic
    Estimating The Square Root of A Density Via Compactly Supported Wavelets
  • 1995-13  — Robert L. Wolpert
    Laplace Control Variates: A New Swindle
  • 1995-12  — Mike West
    Modelling and Robustness Issues in Bayesian Time Series Analysis
  • 1995-11  — Mike West
    Bayesian Forecasting
  • 1995-10  — Robert L. Wolpert
    Testing Simple Hypotheses
  • 1995-9  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Marek Ancukiewicz, David Matchar
    Decision Models in Clinical Recommendations Development: The Stroke Prevention Policy Model
  • 1995-8  — Robert L. Wolpert, Michael Lavine
    Markov Random Field Priors for Univariate Density Estimation
  • 1995-7  — Merlise Clyde, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Orthogonalizations and Prior Distributions for Orthogonalized Model Mixing
  • 1995-6  — Judy L. Palmer, Peter Mueller
    Bayesian Optimal Design in Population Models of Hematologic Data
  • 1995-5  — Gabriel Katul, Brani Vidakovic
    The Partitioning of Attached and Detached Eddy Motion in the Atmospheric Surface Layer Using Lorentz Wavelet Filtering
  • 1995-4  — Prem Goel, Brani Vidakovic
    Wavelet Transformations as Diversity Enhancers
  • 1995-3  — Jim Albert
    A MCMC Algorithm to Fit a General Exchangeable Model
  • 1995-2  — Jim Albert, Chib Siddhartha
    Bayesian Residual Analysis for Binary Response Regression Models
  • 1995-1  — Dalene K. Stangl, Joel B. Greenhouse
    Assessing Placebo Response Using Bayesian Hierarchical Survival Models


  • 1994-41  — Alaattin Erkanli, Refik Soyer, Adrian Angold
    Optimal Bayesian Two-Phase Designs for Screening Tests
  • 1994-40  — Mike West
    Statistical Inference For Gravity Models in Transportation Flow Forecasting
  • 1994-39  — Alaattin Erkanli, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Refik Soyer
    Bayesian Computations for Reliability Growth Modeling
  • 1994-38  — Steven MacEachern, Peter Mueller
    Efficient Estimation of Mixture of Dirichlet Process Models
  • 1994-37  — David M. Higdon, Valen E. Johnson, Timothy G. Turkington, James E. Bowsher
    Fully Bayesian Reconstruction of Positron Emission Tomography Data
  • 1994-36  — Paul Damien, Peter Mueller
    A Bayesian Bivariate Failure Time Regression Model
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    Monte Carlo Methods for Approximating a Posterior Hazard Rate Process
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    Bayesian Estimation of Unimodal Distributions
  • 1994-33  — Nilgun Morali, Refik Soyer
    Optimal Stopping Rules for Software Testing
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    Prediction via Orthogonalized Model Mixing
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    The Equivalence of Constrained and Weighted Designs in Multiple Objective Design Problems
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    Bayesian Models for Non-Linear Auto-Regressions
  • 1994-29  — Mike West
    Elements of Spectral Analysis Lecture notes on time series
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    A Bayesian Semiparametric Model for Case-Control Studies With Errors in Variables
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    Implementation of Bayesian Nonparametric Inference Based on Beta Processes
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    Approximate Random Variate Generation From Infinitely Divisible Distributions With Applications to Bayesian Inference
  • 1994-25  — Brani Vidakovic, Gabriel Katul
    On Wavelet Thresholding Turbulence Signals
  • 1994-24  — Brani Vidakovic
    Nonlinear Wavelet Shrinkage With Bayes Rules and Bayes Factors
  • 1994-23  — Mike West
    Studies of neurological transmission analysis using hierarchical Bayesian mixture models
  • 1994-22  — Dalene K. Stangl
    Prediction and Decision Making Using Bayesian Hierarchical Models
  • 1994-21  — Cinzia Carota, Giovanni Parmigiani
    On Bayes Factors for Nonparametric Alternatives
  • 1994-20  — Anirban Dasgupta, Brani Vidakovic
    Sample Size Problems in Anova: Bayesian Point of View
  • 1994-19  — Kathryn Burch, Merlise Clyde, Brani Vidakovic
    A Bayesian Design for Ecoregional Assessment of Minnesota's Lakes
  • 1994-18  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Peter Mueller
    Simulation Approach to One-Stage and Sequential Optimal Design Problems
  • 1994-17  — Peter Mueller, Gary Rosner
    A Bayesian Population Model with Hierarchical Mixture Priors Applied to Blood Count Data
  • 1994-16  — Brani Vidakovic
    Estimation of a Bounded Normal Mean: Modified Linear and Polynomial Estimators
  • 1994-15  — A. Dasgupta, Y. Rinott, B. Vidakovic
    Stopping Times Related to Diagnostics and Outliers
  • 1994-14  — Merlise A. Clyde, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Protein Construct Storage: Bayesian Variable Selection and Prediction With Mixtures
  • 1994-13  — Brani Vidakovic, Peter Mueller
    Wavelets for Kids - A Tutorial Introduction
  • 1994-12  — Alyson G. Wilson, Valen E. Johnson
    Priors on Scale-Space Templates
  • 1994-11  — Steven N. MacEachern, Peter Mueller
    Estimating Mixture of Dirichlet Process Models
  • 1994-10  — Gary L. Rosner, Peter Mueller
    Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Hematologic Profiles
  • 1994-9  — Mike West
    Some Statistical Issues in Palaeoclimatology
  • 1994-8  — Valen E. Johnson
    A Note on Stopping Rules in EM-ML Reconstructions of ECT Images
  • 1994-7  — Valen E. Johnson
    Studying Convergence of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms Using Coupled Sample Paths
  • 1994-6  — Brani Vidakovic
    A Note on Random Densities via Wavelets
  • 1994-5  — Andy Pole, Jeff Harrison, Mike West
    Forecasting and Assessing Structural Change: The Case of Promotional Campaigns
  • 1994-4  — Gary L. Rosner, Peter Mueller
    Modeling Multiple Pharmacodynamic End Points
  • 1994-3  — Valen E. Johnson
    On Bayesian Analysis of Multi-Rater Ordinal Data: An Application to Automated Essay Gradin
  • 1994-2  — Wilson, Alyson G
    Cognitive Factors Affecting Subjective Probability Assessment
  • 1994-1  — Donald S. Burdick
    An Introduction to Tensor Products With Applications to Multiway Data Analysis


  • 1993-34  — Mike West
    Inference in Cyclical Component Dynamic Linear Models (Formerly 1993-A23)
  • 1993-33  — Sandra Fortini, Fabrizio Ruggeri
    Concentration Function and Sensitivity to the Prior
  • 1993-32  — Fabrizio Ruggeri
    Bayesian Comparison of Italian Earthquakes
  • 1993-31  — Cinzia Carota, Fabrizio Ruggeri
    Robust Bayesian Analysis Given Priors on Partition Sets
  • 1993-30  — Steven N. MacEachern, L. Mark Berliner
    Subsampling the Gibbs Sampler
  • 1993-29  — Lee Altenberg
    The Evolution of Evolvability in Genetic Programming
  • 1993-28  — Peter Mueller, Andy Pole
    Monte Carlo Posterior Integration in GARCH Models
  • 1993-27  — Merlise Clyde, Peter Mueller, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Optimal Design for Heart Defibrillators
  • 1993-26  — Valen Johnson, James Bowsher, Timothy Turkington, Ronald Jaszczak
    Analysis and Reconstruction of Medical Images Using Prior Information
  • 1993-24  — Saurabh Mukhopadhyay, Brani Vidakovic
    Efficiency of Linear Bayes Rules for a Normal Mean-Skewed Priors Class
  • 1993-22  — Steven MacEachern, Christopher A. Bush
    A Semi-Parametric Bayesian Model for Randomized Block Designs
  • 1993-21  — Saurabh Mukhopadhyay, Malay Ghosh
    On the Uniform Approximation of Laplace's Prior by t-Priors in Location Problems
  • 1993-20  — Cinzia Carota, Giovanni Parmigiani, Nick Polson
    Diagnostic Measures for Model Criticism
  • 1993-19  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Li Chengchang
    This paper has been deleted from the series.
  • 1993-18  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Timing Medical Examinations via Intensity Functions
  • 1993-17  — Valen J. Johnson
    On the Analysis on Multi-Rater Ordinal Data
  • 1993-16  — Robert L. Wolpert, Chengchang Li
    Meta-Analytic Combining of Related Regressions
  • 1993-15  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Truncated Recursive Algorithms for Scheduling
  • 1993-14  — David Rios Insua, Kazimierz A. Salewicz
    The Operation of Lake Kariba: A Bayesian Analysis
  • 1993-13  — Dalene Stangl, Saurabh Mukhopadhyay
    Balancing Centers and Observations in Multicenter Clinical Trials
  • 1993-10  — Brani Vidakovic, David Rios Insua
    Some Efficient Simple Rules in Gamma-minimax Estimation
  • 1993-8  — David Rios Insua, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Brani Vidakovic
    Some Results on Posterior Regret Gamma-minimax estimation
  • 1993-7  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Donald A. Berry
    Applications of Lindley Information Measure to the Design of Clinical Experiments
  • 1993-6  — Michael Lavine, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Using Probability to Learn from Data
  • 1993-5  — Peter Mueller, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Numerical Evaluation of Information Theoretic Measures
  • 1993-4  — Ben Mitchell, Donald Burdick
    Slowly Converging Parafac Sequences: Swamps and Two-Factor Degeneracies
  • 1993-3  — Saurabh Mukhopadhyay, Anirban DasGupta
    Uniform Approximation of Bayes Solutions and Posteriors: Frequentistly Valid Bayes Inference
  • 1993-2  — Mike West, Peter Mueller, M.D. Escobar
    Hierarchical Priors and Mixture Models, with Application in Regression and Density Estimation
  • 1993-1  — Alaattin Erkanli, Dalene Stangl, Peter Mueller
    Analysis of Ordinal Data By The Mixture of Probit Links
  • 1993-25  — Chenchang Li, Peter Mueller, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Optimal Sample Size for Two Binomials
  • 1993-12  — Michael Lavine
    Approximate Bayesian Inference for Quantiles
  • 1993-9  — Brani Vidakovic
    All Roads Lead to Rome - Even in the Honeycomb World


  • 1992-38  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Optimal Scheduling of Fallible Inspections
  • 1992-37  — Jiang Qian, Valen Johnson, James Bowsher, Ronald Jaszczak
    Deterministic Approach to the Posterior Distribution in a Bayesian Imaging Model
  • 1992-36  — Ben C. Mitchell, Donald S. Burdick
    An Empirical Comparison of Resolution Methods for Three-Way Arrays
  • 1992-35  — Valen Johnson
    A Framework for Incorporating Structural Prior Information into the Reconstruction and Restoration of Medical Images
  • 1992-34  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Design of Partially Observable Survival Data
  • 1992-33  — Peter Mueller, Giovanni Parmigiani
    Optimal Design via Curve Fitting of Monte Carlo Experiments
  • 1992-32  — Brani Vidakovic
    Gamma-Minimax Estimation with Ordered Observations
  • 1992-31  — Brani Vidakovic
    Linear Versus Nonlinear Rules for Mixture Normal Priors
  • 1992-29  — Brani Vidakovic
    On the Algorithmic Complexity, Universal Prior and Ockham's Razor
  • 1992-28  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Inspection Times for Stand-by Units
  • 1992-27  — Al Erkanli, Ram Gopalan
    Bayesian Nonparametric Regression: Smoothing Using Gibbs Sampling
  • 1992-26  — Valen Johnson
    A Model for Segmentation and Analysis of Noisy Images
  • 1992-25  — Brani Vidakovic
    On the Efficiency of Affine Rules in Estimating Bounded Multivariate Normal Mean
  • 1992-30  — Anirban DasGupta, Saurabh Mukhopadhyay
    Uniform and Subuniform Posterior Robustness: The Sample Size Problem
  • 1992-24  — Saurabh Mukhopadhyay, Linda Haines
    Bayesian D-Optimal Design for Exponential Growth Model
  • 1992-23  — Pietro Muliere, Giovanni Parmigiani, Nicholas G. Polson
    A Note on the Residual Entropy Function
  • 1992-22  — Brani Vidakovic, Anirban DasGupta
    Lower Bounds of Bayesian Risk for Estimating a Normal Variance: With Applications
  • 1992-21  — Mike West
    Bayesian Analysis Under a Successive Sampling Discovery Model
  • 1992-20  — Mike West, Michael D. Escobar
    Computing Bayesian Nonparametric Hierarchical Models.
  • 1992-19  — Mike West, Dennis A. Turner
    Deconvolution of Mixtures in Analysis of Neural Synaptic Transmission
  • 1992-18  — Valen Johnson, James Bowsher, Jiang Qian, Ronald Jaszczak, Carey Floyd
    Analysis and Reconstruction of Medical Images Using Prior Information
  • 1992-17  — Michael Lavine, A. Mockus
    A Nonparametric Bayes Method For Isotonic Regression
  • 1992-16  — Valen Johnson, James E. Bowsher, Jiang Qian, Ronald Jaszczak
    Segmentation and Analysis of Emission Computed Tomography Images
  • 1992-15  — Alaattin Erkanli
    Laplace Approximations for Posterior Expectations When the Mode Occurs at the Boundary of the Parameter Space
  • 1992-14  — Peter Mueller
    Alternatives to the Gibbs Sampling Scheme
  • 1992-13  — Peter Mueller
    Posterior Integration in Dynamic Models
  • 1992-12  — Alaattin Erkanli, Robert E. Kass, Alan Genz
    Adapting Subregion-Adaptive Integration Software to Problems in Bayesian Inference
  • 1992-11  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Scheduling Inspections in Reliability
  • 1992-10  — Valen E. Johnson
    This paper has been deleted from the series.
  • 1992-9  — Peter Mueller, Alaattin Erkanli, Mike West
    Bayesian Curve Fitting Using Multivariate Normal Mixtures (Formerly: Alaattin Erkanl, Peter Mueller, and Mike West. Curve Fitting by a Mixture of Dirichlet Process Model)
  • 1992-8  — Michael Lavine, Larry Wasserman
    Can We Estimate N?
  • 1992-7  — Michael Lavine
    A Note On Bounding Monte Carlo Variances
  • 1992-6  — Mike West
    Discovery Sampling and Selection Models
  • 1992-5  — Al Erkanli
    Reconstruction of Marginal Posterior Densities
  • 1992-3  — Mike West
    Hyperparameter Estimation in Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
  • 1992-2  — Mike West, Guoliang Cao
    Computing Distributions of Order Statistics
  • 1992-1  — Dennis A. Turner, Mike West
    Bayesian Analysis of Mixtures Applied to Postsynaptic Potential Fluctuations
  • 1992-4  — Al Erkanli
    Approximate Marginal Densities of Coordinate Functions When the Maxima Occurs at the Boundary


  • 1991-26  — Michael Lavine, Mike West
    Bayesian Method for Classification and Discrimination (Formerly 1991-A03)
  • 1991-25  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Inspections for Log-Convex Failure Distributions
  • 1991-24  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Pietro Muliere
    Utility and Means in the Thirties
  • 1991-22  — Donald S. Burdick, Xin M. Tu, Robert E. Albright
    Regression Analysis of Data With Repeated Measurements Using the Method of Successive Differences
  • 1991-21  — Donald S. Burdick, Xin M. Tu
    Starting Values for Resolution of Trilinear Mixtures: Application in Spectroscopy
  • 1991-20  — Giovanni Parmigiani, David L. Banks
    Preanalysis of Superlarge Industrial Datasets
  • 1991-19  — Alaattin Erkanli
    Asymptotic Expansions for Posterior Expectations Under Non-Standard Conditions
  • 1991-18  — Mike West, Guoliang Cao
    Assessing Mechanisms of Neural Synaptic Activity
  • 1991-17  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Mark S. Kamlet
    A Cost-Utility Analysis of Alternative Strategies in Screening for Breast Cancer
  • 1991-15  — Valen Johnson
    A Model for Segmentation and Analysis of Noisy Images
  • 1991-14  — Robert Wolpert
    Adjusted and Synthetic Likelihoods for Combining Empirical Evidence
  • 1991-13  — Robert Wolpert, Kenneth H. Reckhow, Laura J. Steinberg
    Bayesian Decision Support Using Environmental Transport-and-Fate Models
  • 1991-12  — Mike West
    On Bayesian Statistics in Astronomical Investigation: Source Detection with Low Particle Counts
  • 1991-11  — Michael Lavine
    More Aspects of Polya Tree Distributions for Statistical Modelling
  • 1991-10  — Andy Pole, Mike West, Jeff Harrison
    Forecasting and Assessing Structural Change: Campaign Effects
  • 1991-9  — Mike West
    Modelling Time-Varying Hazards and Covariate Effects
  • 1991-8  — Michael Lavine, Larry Wasserman, Robert Wolpert
    Linearization of Bayesian Robustness Problems
  • 1991-7  — Valen E. Johnson
    Estimating Marginal Posterior Densities in Generalized Linear Models using Quantile Integration
  • 1991-6  — Robert L. Wolpert, William J. Warren-Hicks
    Bayesian Hierarchical Logistic Models for Combining Field and Laboratory Survival Data
  • 1991-5  — Mike West
    Modelling with Mixtures
  • 1991-4  — Valen E. Johnson
    A Technique for Estimating Marginal Posterior Densities in Hierarchical Models Using Mixtures of Conditional Densities (Revision of DP# 89-07)
  • 1991-2  — Valen E. Johnson, James E. Bowsher
    A Simultaneous Segmentation and Reconstruction Model for ECT Images
  • 1991-1  — Michael Lavine
    Some Aspects of Pola Tree Distributions for Statistical Modelling
  • 1991-23  — Giovanni Parmigiani, Pietro Muliere
    On Quasi-Means
  • 1991-16  — Giovanni Parmigiani
    Optimal Scheduling of Medical Exams: The Case of Breast Cancer


  • 1990-20  — Dani Gamerman, Mike West, Andy Pole
    A Guide to SURVIVAL (Formerly 1990-B02)
  • 1990-19  — David F. Hendry, Edward E. Leamer, Dale J. Poirier
    A Conversation of Econometric Methodology (Formerly 1990-B01)
  • 1990-18  — Valen E. Johnson, Chin-Tu Chen, Xiaoping Hu, Wing H. Wong
    Aspects of Image Restoration Using Gibbs Priors: Boundary Modelling, Treatment of Blurring, and Selection of Hyperparameters
  • 1990-17  — Valen E. Johnson, Chin-Tu Chen, Xiaoping Hu, Wing H. Wong
    Image Reconstruction Using A Priori Boundary Information
  • 1990-16  — Michael D. Escobar, Mike West
    Bayesian Prediction and Density Estimation
  • 1990-15  — David F. Hendry, Jean-Francois Richard
    Likelihood Evaluation for Dynamic Latent Variables Models
  • 1990-14  — Valen E. Johnson
    Bayesian Estimation in the Linear Model: The Care of Unknown Dispersion Parameters
  • 1990-12  — Mike West
    Mixture Models, Monte Carlo, Bayesian Updating and Dynamic Models
  • 1990-11  — Mike West, Robert L. Winkler
    Error Trapping in Binary Databases
  • 1990-10  — Mike West
    Approximating Posterior Distributions by Mixtures
  • 1990-9  — Jeff Harrison, Mike West
    Dynamic Linear Model Diagnostics
  • 1990-8  — J. Crosse, M. West
    The Use of Agent Judgements in Reliability Analysis
  • 1990-7  — Robert C. Marshall, Michael J. Meurer, Jean-Francois Richard
    Delegated Procurement and the Protest Process
  • 1990-6  — Robert L. Wolpert
    Monte Carlo Integration in Bayesian Statistical Analysis
  • 1990-5  — Michael Lavine
    Some Remarks on Extrapolation
  • 1990-4  — Robert C. Marshall, Michael J. Meurer, Jean-Francois Richard
    The Impact of Reserve Prices on the Technology of Procured Items
  • 1990-2  — Mike West
    Bayesian Kernel Density Estimation
  • 1990-1  — Mark F.J. Steel, Jean-Francois Richard
    Bayesian Multivariate Exogeneity Analysis: An Application to a UK Money Demand Equation
  • 1990-13  — Valen E. Johnson
    Convergence Properties of Quantile Integration for Vector-Valued Parameters
  • 1990-3  — Michael Lavine, Larry Wasserman, R.L. Wolpert
    Bayesian Inference with Specified Prior Marginals


  • 1989-14  — Michael Lavine
    The Boon of Dimensionality: How To Be A Sensitive Multidimensional Bayesian
  • 1989-13  — M. West, J. Crosse
    Modelling Agent Judgements for Bayesian Updating
  • 1989-12  — Mike West
    Modelling Agent Forecast Distributions
  • 1989-11  — Mike West
    Bayesian Analysis of Agent Opinion
  • 1989-10  — Mike West
    Kernel Density Estimation and Marginalisation (IN-) Consistency
  • 1989-9  — Robert C. Marshall, Jean-Fancois Richard, Gary A. Zarkin
    Posterior Probabilities of the Independence Axiom With Non-Experimental Data
  • 1989-8  — Robert C. Marshall, Jean-Francois Richard
    Reserve Pricing At Single-Object Auctions
  • 1989-5  — J.P. Florens
    Models and Inference for Duration Data: A Survey
  • 1989-4  — Michael Lavine
    Local Predictive Influence in Bayesian Regression
  • 1989-3  — Jean-Pierre Florens, Jean-Francois Richard
    Encompassing in Finite Parametric Spaces
  • 1989-2  — Jean-Pierre Florens, David F. Hendry, Jean-Francois Richard
    Encompassing and Specificity
  • 1989-1  — C. Guus E. Boender, Herman K. van Dijk
    Bayesian Estimation of the Weights of Multi-Criteria Decision Alternatives Using Monte Carlo Integrations
  • 1989-15  — Michael Lavine
    A Case Study in Bayesian Sensitivity: Fish Response to Lake Acidification
  • 1989-7  — Valen E. Johnson
    Integration of Hierarchical Models
  • 1989-6  — John Geweke
    Inference and Forecasting for Chaotic Nonlinear Time Series


  • 1988-6  — Michael Lavine
    Prior Influence in Bayesian Statistics
  • 1988-5  — David F. Hendry, Jean-Francois Richard
    Recent Developments in the Theory of Encompassing
  • 1988-4  — John Geweke
    Acceleration Methods for Monte Carlo Integration in Bayesian Inference
  • 1988-3  — William A. Barnett, Apostolos Serletis
    A Dispersion-Dependency Diagnostic Test for Aggregation Error: With Applications to Monetary Economics and Income Distribution
  • 1988-2  — John Geweke
    Modelling Nonlinearity with Normal Polynomial Expansions
  • 1988-1  — William A. Barnett, Piyu Yue
    Semiparametric Estimation of the Asymptotically Ideal Model: The AIM Demand System


  • 1987-9  — Jean-Pierre Florens, David F. Hendry, Jean-Francois Richard
    Parsimonious Encompassing: An Application to Non-Nested Hypotheses and Hausman Specification Tests
  • 1987-8  — Joseph B. Kadane, Robert L. Winkler
    Separating Probability Elicitation from Utilities
  • 1987-7  — John Geweke
    Antithetic Acceleration of Monte Carlo Integration in Bayesian Inference
  • 1987-6  — Jean-Francois Richard, Mark F.J. Steel
    Bayesian Analysis of Systems of Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations Under a Recursive Extended Natural Conjugate Prior Density
  • 1987-5  — Fallaw Sowell
    Fractional Unit Root Distributions
  • 1987-4  — Daniel A. Graham, Robert C. Marshall, Jean-Francois Richard
    Differential Payments Within a Bidder Coalition and the Shapley Value
  • 1987-3  — Dennis V. Lindley
    Statistical Inference Concerning Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
  • 1987-2  — John Geweke
    Bayesian Inference in Econometric Models Using Monte Carlo Integration
  • 1987-1  — Daniel A. Graham, Robert C. Marshall, Jean-Francois Richard
    Auctioneer's Behavior at a Single Object English Auction with Heterogeneous Non-Cooperative Bidders