Private tutoring

Undergraduate + some Graduate The following students might be available for private tutoring. Please contact them directly with your inquiry. Note that this is not a service provided by the Department of Statistical Science. This is only meant to facilitate connecting those looking for a tutor with those interested in providing tutoring services.

Undergraduate Studies

Name Program Courses Contact Email
Bryan, Jordan PH.D. Undergraduate
Bu, Fan Ph.D. Any course below 340,  611 and 621
Ferrari, Federico Ph.D. 400 or lower except 340
Guo, Yi Ph.D. Undergraduate + some Graduate
Hu, Sherry UGrad 101, 210, 230
Lavine, Isaac Ph.D. Undergraduate + Graduate
Liang, Li M.S. in Econ 130, 230, 250, 611
Orlandi, Vittorio Ph.D. Undergraduate + Graduate
Tang, Jiurui Ph.D. Undergraduate + some Graduate
Thapa, Mishek UGrad 199, 210, 250
Wang, Hannah UGrad 199