Yongjian Bi

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Seattle, WA
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Data Scientist
Concur Technologies
Data Scientist
April 2018 - Present

Master's Thesis

Scheduling Optimization with LDA and Greedy Algorithm

Scheduling optimization is concerned with the optimal allocation of events to time slots. In this paper, we look at one particular example of scheduling problems - the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings. We want to assign each session among similar topics to time slots to reduce scheduling conflicts. Chapter 1 briefly talks about the motivation for this example as well as the constraints and the optimality criterion. Chapter 2 proposes use of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to identify the topic proportions in each session and talks about the fitting of the model. Chapter 3 translates these ideas into a mathematical formulation and introduces a Greedy Algorithm to minimize conflicts. Chapter 4 demonstrates the improvement of the scheduling with this method.