Tessa Johnson


Hello! My name is Tessa Johnson and I'm currently a 2nd year Masters student. 

A Bit About Me:

I graduated from Texas A&M in two years and was able to do so by averaging around seven courses per semester. Also, since I was the first undergraduate statistics major in my university, many of my required courses were not offered at the undergraduate level, so instead I took them at the graduate level.  After finishing my Bachelors, I was accepted into the PhD program at Duke University and given the James B. Duke doctoral fellowship for top incoming PhDs from across the whole university. During my first year, I worked two jobs simultaneously, head TA for an introductory statistics course and grader for the mathematics department, as well as completing all of the first year coursework for PhD and being the one of the youngest PhDs ever in my department. However, at the end of my first year, I reevaluated my life goals and determined that obtaining a masters and going into the workforce aligned more closely with my goals and interests, so that's what I'm doing currently.