Sam Voisin


I am a current Masters of Statistical Science Student at Duke University with interests in Bayesian analyses, modeling, and programming. Problems involving behavioral economics and psychology are of particular interest to me, and my aim while at duke is to conduct research in this area.

Prior to attending Duke, I worked as a financial analyst at Ally Bank specifically supporting the wealth management division. While at Ally I performed stock exchange data analysis to assess the direction and strength of relationships between investor sentiment and business metrics. The analysis I did informed expectations of future performance and were used to mitigate risk to the business.

While working in the finance industry I discovered a passion for deciphering signal from noise and modeling stochastic relationships. Additionally, I witnessed first hand the impacts of systematic, irrational behaviors on individuals and organizations alike. These experiences led me to seek to further my education in a discipline that provides the tools to describe these phenomena.

I received a bachelor's degree in Financial Management from Clemson University where I had the opportunity to develop business and market models for determining the viability of community investment projects.