Philip White


I am a PhD candidate working with Fan Li and Alan Gelfand and am interested in Bayesian methods and modeling, spatial and spatiotemporal statistics, and causal inference. I have worked with applications in environment, political science, and public health. My expected graduation date is May 2019. I have a MS in Statistics and BS in Applied Physics from Brigham Young University.

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Colton, JS, Meyer, D, Clark, K, Craft, D, Cutler, J, Park, T, and White, P. "Long-lived electron spins in a modulation doped (100) GaAs quantum well." Journal of Applied Physics 112.8 (October 15, 2012): 084307-084307. Full Text

White, P, Berrett, C, Tass, S, and Findlay, M. "A Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Model for Analyzing Efficiency of Foreign Aid Allocation." The American statistician (Revise and Resubmit).

White, P, Reese, CS, Christensen, W, and Rupper, S. "Heterogeneous Gaussian Process Model for Antarctic Surface Mass Balance and Ice Core Site Selection." Annals of Applied Statistics (Revise and Resubmit).