Philip White


I am a Ph.D. candidate working with Alan Gelfand and am interested in Bayesian methods and modeling, spatial and spatiotemporal statistics, and applied statistics. I have worked with applications in the environment, political science, and public health. My expected graduation date is May 2019. I have an MS in Statistics and a BS in Applied Physics from Brigham Young University.

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White, P, Gelfand, A, and Utlaut, T. "Prediction and model comparison for areal unit data." Spatial Statistics 22 (November 2017): 89-106. Full Text

Colton, JS, Meyer, D, Clark, K, Craft, D, Cutler, J, Park, T, and White, P. "Long-lived electron spins in a modulation doped (100) GaAs quantum well." Journal of Applied Physics 112.8 (October 15, 2012): 084307-084307. Full Text