Lei Qian

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Mathematical Research Statistician
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Master's Thesis

Spatial Assignments Using Intrinsic Markers to Infer Migratory Patterns

Abstract In ecology, it is extremely useful to model migratory connections as it can be built upon to produce further research into organisms and the environment. Unfortunately, it is also dicult to model natural occurences due to the numerous unaccountable factors. It is also dicult in the sense that tracking wild organisms can be costly and may create bias in future actions when using extrinsic trackers such as tagging using leg bands or GPS chips. Using intrinsic trackers such as genetic information left behind by organisms is an viable alternative. This paper will model migratory bird connectivity using allele counts on a spatial scope to predict breeding grounds of a genetic sample using a Bayesian Latent Gaussian Process. Although data is sparse, predictions are reasonable; though, the model can be further ne-tuned for higher accuracy. iv